Kamen Rider: Rabbit’s new play as a monk, Menda ready to practice Kaki’s health exercises

2022-05-20 0 By

Recently when around mask knight is also found that a lot of relevant information about false face knight, we together and see it in the first place is about rabbit new intelligence, recently the new rice cultivation monk is scheduled on April 8, hoso, in its plays a monk, as if the hair is dyed back for it.The rabbit also said, I was asked if I was atoning for my SINS because I played a monk after a gangster (laughter).Then there was The feeling of Menda on the 29 words, which indicated that everyone had received it and felt happy from the bottom of his heart, and also indicated that He would try to practice the healthy exercises of Kaki.There are fans here who want to see him dancing with Kano. (Laughter)Then is mica Takata Xia Fan guest information of the Dragon Green god, here it said quietly played the friendship of the Dragon Green God, in the photo together when it is also posed kamen Rider Build classic pose, at the same time in this dynamic rabbit also praised.Fans also joked about the possibility of paying tribute to the second uncle (laughs).What do you think of sakura and the queen?