Sedan shape, wheelbase 2.9m, BYD new pure electric car exposure, or named “Seal”

2022-05-19 0 By

Facing the new 2022, I believe that many car companies are also gearing up, from the previous exposure of the model planning, including Honda, Nissan, Toyota and other brands, will speed up the pace in the new energy vehicle market, and the future will face competitors, naturally including byd sales are very strong.In terms of sales performance, BYD does have a place in the new energy vehicle market, of course, there is also a sense of crisis.As early as last year during the Guangzhou Auto Show, BYD officially announced the Marine network product sequence, including Marine life series and warship series, model planning is quite complete.For example, THE previously listed BYD Dolphin is a member of the Marine Life series, which will launch pure electric models based on E platform 3.0, while the destroyer 05, which will debut at Guangzhou Auto Show, belongs to the warship series, which will feature DM-I super hybrid technology.Clearly byd has a very clear plan for future products, and with the start of a New Year, more members of haiyang network are also being exposed.A few days ago, the net exposed the brand-new car spy of series of Marine life of a piece of BYD is photographed, accordingly this will be a brand-new pure electric car, it is reported, new car is expected to be named “seal”, this one naming also accords with the characteristic of series of Marine life very much.Combine the spy that exposes before looking, the front face design of this brand-new car is contracted but do not break individual character, especially the modelling of big lamp group is sharp.The side will adopt the coupe design, the overall has a significant movement style, this sliding back style will be very eye-catching, with hidden door handle, help to further optimize the wind resistance coefficient, bring more excellent endurance and performance.It is worth mentioning that in addition, the official once released the “sharp movement of the seal” slogan, enough to see that the positioning of the seal will be more athletic, which is also consistent with the sedan car posture in the spy photos.But the new car in the photos is heavily camouflaged, so we don’t have a full picture yet.The new car will be positioned as a medium-sized car. According to the parameter table exposed on the Internet, the length, width and height of the new car is expected to be 4770/1860/1460mm, and the wheelbase may reach 2900mm. With the excellent body size and the posture of the sedan, it is bound to present a more slender and dynamic posture.In addition, spy photos show that the new car will be equipped with integrated sports seats, which is absolutely a plus for the sedan car models, the roof will also use a large area of panoramic sunroof, help to enhance the sense of space in front and rear seats, but also raise the level of configuration.In terms of power, according to BYD’s plans for the ocean Network, the new car will be built based on BYD E platform 3.0.The exposure information shows that the new car will launch a single motor rear drive and double motor four-wheel drive version, involving three different power versions of power options, including the rear drive version of the maximum power of 180kW, and the four-wheel drive version of the front and rear motor power of 200kW, 160kW.As a new model of BYD Marine Life series, this new car will not only enrich the family model layout, but also bring more diversified choices for consumers.It is reported that the new car is expected to debut in the first quarter of this year, so it will not let us wait too long, and the price is expected to be between 150-200,000 yuan, which is a relatively considerable price range for pure electric medium-sized cars, coupled with BYD’s influence in the new energy car market, is really worth our good look forward to.