Qijiang restaurant chamber of Commerce into the countryside “visit” octogenarian difficult party members feel warm

2022-05-19 0 By

“To the winter, how are they?” yesterday (24), Chongqing Qijiang district restaurant chamber of Commerce president Yuan Xiaowei, party branch secretary Liu Zhao gang line, braver the cold, in-depth Fuhuan town Lanya village “visit”, to the difficult party members and difficult people sent quilts, cooking oil, milk and sympathy money.”How many people are there in your family?’Are you well?”How do you support your family?”Yuan Xiaowei and his party came to the home of Linghu Changhong, an old party member of the Party for 56 years.After learning that Linghu Changhong is 81 years old, his family is poor, weak and ill, and his wife and children are disabled, Yuan xiaowei said that the chamber of Commerce will work with all sectors of society to provide help to him.In the difficult masses he Liangping home, Yuan Xiaowei line of its greeting, like relatives with heart to heart, hope that one family summon up the courage of life, do not bow to difficulties, under the care of the party and the government, out of the dilemma as soon as possible.”Your arrival, let our home temperature” poor people Luo Yuguo gratefully said.It is reported that Yuan Xiaowei and his delegation visited 8 difficult party members and the masses.