Eq is very high, but get along with the person more straight constellation, do not please painstakingly, live for oneself

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Are emotionally intelligent people always submissive or tactful?Not necessarily. Some people are emotionally intelligent, but they express themselves more directly, don’t beat around the bush, and don’t try to please others.They belong to the kind of people who live for themselves, emotional intelligence is high just more know how to measure, so, this constellation has several?01 virgo: principled, but also care of others first look at a virgo, virgos tend to belong to that kind of things is very modest, but it is a little doubt on the big personality, they find it hard to concessions on key issues, therefore, in some cases, virgo is very difficult to give a person a kind of high emotional intelligence, or even think they belong to the kind of person who low eq.In fact, virgo people are often very well versed in human nature, they know a lot of other people can not see the “small nine”, also know some of the dark side of human nature, therefore, very good at capturing the mind of others.Therefore, if virgo really wants to get close to a person, they usually do what they want and do it in a natural and spontaneous way. They can not only put words into the heart of others, but also put things into the heart of others.Virgos are very comfortable with each other because they have a certain spirit of service and take care of other people’s emotions. They also have a hard time being self-indulging.However, although virgo is such, it is not a person who reduces his bottom line at will, they know how to express their ideas properly, both independent, and will not be too flattering and low posture, have to say, Virgo life work, or very principled, very level.Let’s take another look at Aquarius. Aquarians tend to be very direct and open about their feelings. They don’t like to hide things from others.But in fact, Aquarius emotional intelligence is not not high, some of their forthright, just a way of being.It must be said that Aquarius is not as simple and simple as it looks. They know how to read the hearts of others and what they are thinking.It’s just that instead of catering to others, Aquarians are more willing to “look the other way.” It’s not that they don’t respect others, it’s that they’re more willing to live their life to the fullest than they are to satisfy others and humiliate themselves.So even when they do understand, they are not so submissive or submissive to the masses. They prefer to pretend they don’t understand and go on with their lives.However, when it comes to big things, or when it really matters, Aquarius is very measured and flexible. They don’t do anything out of the ordinary, which means that when it comes to displaying a high emotional intelligence, they are very resourceful.Scorpio people tend to have a cold side, they even some alone, sometimes, in the face of competition, or other people’s provocation, will not swallow their anger, and even express their feelings for their own justice, is also common things.However, even though Scorpios tend to have a reputation for being tough and not a soft touch, they are actually very emotionally intelligent people.If scorpios really want to get close to someone or fit in with a group, you will see that they are very agreeable.Their mind is more delicate, understand other people’s preferences and weakness is what, therefore, Scorpio if you want to throw its good, is very in line, but, to see you have this qualification, into their eyes.It can be said that Scorpios in a group, is often a very popular people, they can not only show their forthright side, let people feel that they are very true temperament, at the same time, but also to take care of others’ feelings, help others to redress grievances.Therefore, Scorpios are very good at gaining the trust and affection of others, which is part of their high EQ, but they prefer to be direct and show their individuality.