Nubia Z40 Pro may support wireless magnetic charging

2022-05-18 0 By

As each brand flagship new machine has been officially confirmed, many manufacturers also revealed the plot of the next new machine release plan.Nubia mobile has now officially confirmed that “Nubia’s most powerful z-series flagship ever” will be launched in February.Officially, the new phone will be called the Nubia Z40 Pro.As the launch of the new phone nears, the Nubia mobile official has also officially announced the new technical support to be brought in the coming years.Today, Nubia Mobile officially announced that the new Nubia Z40 Pro will support “wireless magnetic charging”.Based on this technology, users touch the charger to its body and it is quickly magnetically fixed and charged.When it comes to this technology, apple’s MagSafe magnetized charging system for the iPhone should come to mind.With this technology in mind, the new Nubia Z40 Pro will bring a new experience to the charging support section.However, given that no more details are available at this time, the actual performance of the product is subject to further confirmation.In addition to the improvements in charging technology, the new Nubia Z40 Pro will also bring an overall specification upgrade.According to the official announcement, this new Nubia flagship will be equipped with a new Snapdragon 8 chip in the core, and the first space-grade heat dissipation material;The industry’s first custom optics, 35mm cultural lens, to create a master shooting experience.According to the published information, the new Nubia Z40 Pro reduces the imaging distortion by 35%, improves the lens light input by 80%, improves the picture definition by 78%, improves the whole scene rate by 70%, and improves the heat dissipation coefficient by 30000%.According to the news, The Nubia Z40 Pro will be equipped with SONY IMX787 sensor for the first time, with a 1/1.3 inch rear, 50 megapixel support, and f1.6 aperture.It has also been revealed that the new Nubia Z40 Pro has recently received radio approval and will be equipped with a custom sensor, especially for cooling.In other words, the arrival of the new phone is getting closer and closer.Based on the official February timeframe, the new phone could arrive later this month.Based on the current market situation, in addition to the Nubia Z40 Pro, Redmi, OPPO, Red Devils and other brands have new official announcements or exposures.The Nubia Z40 Pro should face stiff competition once it hits the market.