City management detachment to do a good job “March 3” Tomb-sweeping Day holiday city appearance guarantee

2022-05-18 0 By

This article is transferred from: Guilin Daily news (reporter Liu Qian correspondent Dai Duanhui) “March 3” and qingming festival during the holiday, the city urban management detachment set up emergency special class, clear responsibility, to ensure that the city appearance during the festival environmental health order.For citizens of guilin people build a clean and orderly, harmonious and safe holiday entertainment and leisure environment, the city urban management team of scientific deployment, careful arrangement, strictly according to the epidemic prevention and control in guilin headquarters and the city ChengGuanWei about “SAN yue SAN” and the city during the qingming festival control and epidemic prevention and control work requirements, formulate emergency response plans for the holiday on duty on duty work plan and.From April 2 to 6, a total of 460 people were on duty during the festival, and 280 people were corrected for city appearance violations. Epidemic prevention and control measures were in place during the “March 3” holiday and qingming Festival holiday, and the traffic in the city was orderly.To downtown east second ring road to build dry road, yao mountain road intersection to jingjiang road intersection and other martyrs, Jin Jiling to space activities busy a few major urban roads, urban management team four brigade joint seven areas on gangbusters city renovation, remedy for strong-arming stalls selling all martyrs, cooperate with public security traffic police department, improve the traffic control,Maintenance personnel and vehicles pass in an orderly manner.