From a college student to the chairman of the board, he created the “world’s best”, to create the “domestic first”!Get on Forbes!

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From a scientific researcher to the chairman of the company, he led the enterprise to build the world’s most complete anti-nutritional factor database of feed materials with “ten years of stupid work”.It took 6 years to complete the registration of enzyme preparation in the European Union, becoming the first enterprise to obtain the approval of registration in the European Union and the United States, and its products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.Zhan Zhichun, the founder and chairman of Wuhan Xinhua Yang Biological Co., LTD., and a 1983 biochemistry major alumnus of East China University of Science and Technology, is the entrepreneur rooted in the field of biological enzyme preparations and biological additives.Today, let’s listen to his story.Hubei tuanfeng, a prosperous humanities, Zhong Ling Yuxiu, Zhan Zhichun was born here.Inspired by the indomitable and never-say-die spirit of historical figures and revolutionary pioneers, he gradually developed a firm, persistent and always forward personality.In 1983, Zhan Zhichun was admitted to East China University of Science and Technology with excellent results and enrolled in the biochemistry major.After entering the university, in order to adapt to the university life as soon as possible, Zhan Zhichun modestly sought advice, actively participated in various recreational activities, actively integrated into the collective.He loved literature and often wrote articles for the school radio studio and the newspaper.Because of his outstanding literary talent, he was recruited as the publicity officer of the student union.On this platform, he built up confidence and showed his talent and positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life. He was loved by his classmates and recognized by his teachers. He became the first student in the class to join the Party.In July 1987, Zhan Zhichun graduated from East China University of Science and Technology and was assigned to wuhan Grain Research and Design Institute of Ministry of Commerce (now WUHAN Research and Design Institute of CoFCO), where he began to engage in technical research and other work.Zhan Zhichun assigned work unit, in fact, and their professional is not right.However, Zhan Zhichun was born to accept challenges, while working and studying, has studied feed science and animal nutrition and other disciplines, understand the animal growth cycle, feed to meat ratio, animal disease prevention and other professional knowledge, and published a number of papers in the influential “Animal Husbandry – Feed” magazine.Zhan Zhichun (in black in the picture) visited the staff during the Annual Meeting of the Spring Festival. During this period, Zhan Zhichun took part in an enzyme preparation project by chance. With solid professional foundation, he immediately smelled a business opportunity.With a strong desire to introduce enzyme preparation into the domestic feed industry, he decided to leave the platform where he had worked for 5 years to find his own entrepreneurial opportunities.In 1993, Zhan Zhichun came to work in a feed additive company in Zhuhai. He made use of his years of technical accumulation in the Food science and Technology Institute and played an active role in promoting the transformation and development of the company. He only took three years from technical manager to factory director and then to vice president in charge of sales.After more than ten years of training in the enterprise, Zhan Zhichun has learned a lot and is proficient in technology, production and marketing. This experience not only laid a foundation for his future entrepreneurship, but also foreshadowing his entry into the enzyme preparation market.In 1996, zhan Zhichun resolutely returned to Wuhan in order to take care of his family and decided to take root in his hometown.Although he quit his job, he still did not want to give up the enzyme preparation, and there was no company engaged in this business in Wuhan at that time, so he decided to do it himself.In 2000, Zhan zhichun founded Wuhan Xinhua Yang Biological Co., LTD., which officially started his entrepreneurial journey.Innovation and development always need to face difficulties and obstacles on the road to international entrepreneurship.Although Zhan Zhichun entrepreneurial direction is right, the actual operation is difficult.Enzyme preparation has high technical requirements and must rely on technological innovation to “fight a way out”.Xinhua Young first built a factory in Guannan Industrial Park to develop more than 10 kinds of additive products, followed by cooperation with Belgium’s Baelledo company to launch Hua Yang -BELDEM enzyme preparation for feeding.The landing of a scientific research achievement, let Zhan Zhichun led Xinhua Yang became one of the 50 national feed enterprises.In January 2011, Forbes released its first list of this year — “2011 China Potential Enterprises List” in Shanghai. As the only enzyme preparation company, Wuhan Xinhua Yang Biological Co., Ltd. ranked among them.In January of the same year, xinhua Young participated in the “Key technology of Intestinal health regulation of Piglets and its application in feed industrialization” project won the Second prize of national Science and Technology Progress awarded by The State Council.Although the good news, but Zhan Zhichun’s blueprint in the heart and more than this, in the domestic lead to do just his preliminary goal, his eyes began to cast toward the overseas market.In 2014, Xinhua Young completed the registration of enzyme preparation in the European Union, becoming the first enterprise to obtain the registration approval of the European Union and the United States in China;In 2016, Xinhua Young products have been exported to the European Union, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, India and other countries and regions.In 2021, Xinhua Young was elected one of the top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Hubei Province;2022 Xinhua high grass feed additives national standard approved……Now, under the leadership of Zhan Zhichun, the company has won 3 second prizes of national Science and Technology Progress, more than 200 national/provincial and municipal honors.For the future, Zhan Zhichun is still full of vision and passion for struggle, he will lead the company to down-to-earth, continuous struggle, and achieve further success!This article material sources: Alumni Association of Huali University of Science and Technology, Xinhua Yang official website/official weibo, Optical Valley Biological City, Wuhan High-tech Industry Association, Literature New Army