Fashion influencers teach you how to dress with design

2022-05-17 0 By

Many Jimei love clothes with a sense of design, but most of the time they buy clothes that don’t match well and then put them in the closet.Small make up want to say is not the design sense is not good, the key is still in the collocation, of course, more important or vary from person to person, can not say that itself is more lady sense of the girl has to wear punk wind is not natural, they look uncomfortable.Well, xiaobian today to bring you is the series of design sense of wear, a look at the model little sister in the end and how much difference between ordinary people.The top product for creating a deep V neck and delicate face is a skirt with a longer leg line and a higher waist line.This is what Ordinary People Wear: Offer a moodle of fashion, you create a unique set of clothes.We use a high-waisted line to create a narrow waist line.This is an attractive skirt, with A long, a-line silhouette.This is a sexy dress for ordinary people. You created it with grace and delicate femininity.Luxury bubble sleeve dress with V leadership to create slim face, is a high waist line to show the long leg line dress.You create an avant-garde outfit with stylish bubble sleeves.Holly’s transparent shirt with bright face collar creates delicate face shape with the neckline. It is a shirt that shows femininity and adopts transparent fabric on the front.Fivy flounce velvet dress high neckline to create a slim face shape, the front of the velvet material, showing a fashionable mood of the dress.Long, with flounces, you created a luxurious look with thin lines.Have a spring in style!This issue is to talk about here, xiaobian is basically a single set of collocation from fabric to technology to wear interpretation, your idea may be the theme of my next period.If you have any questions about collocation, please leave them in the comments section.Keep an eye on Sivan.The Year of the Tiger is fun