Equipment introduction | strong capacity, Daming Light Industry laser pipe cutting machine into production

2022-05-17 0 By

Equipment purchase | strong production capacity, daming light laser cutting machine production # # # recently, to better serve the new energy, textile printing and dyeing, environmental protection, light industry machinery and other industries, daming light, laser cutting machine, the family bought a new fill the deficiency of the daming profile blanking ability.This laser cutting machine can process carbon steel, stainless steel φ20-180mm;- 20-180 – mm;20-140 – mm steel channel;20-100mm Angle steel, can process the longest length of 10200mm profile, the longest product length of 4000mm, single bearing limit of 200kg, speed up to 100m/s.At the same time, it is also equipped with automatic coke groove cutting head, which has the function of swinging bevel cutting.With the input of this equipment, Daming will better serve various industries.Daming Group Brand Finance Media Center Chief Editor: Ren Fenghua Executive Editor: Wang Huaxing Responsible Editor: Tao Beibei Contributed by: Yang Mujun, Group brand Planning Department