Corn began to rise in a large range, grain prices usher in good news again!

2022-05-17 0 By

Old iron people, family, everyone, I am the three farmers Lao Dao!The price of corn in northeast China has been on the rise recently as processing companies have been rushing to harvest corn.Even though the purchase price of corn in North China has fallen below 2,600 yuan per ton, the corn market in northeast China is showing a steady rise.And just recently, CoFCO and China Grain Storage have announced that they will officially open their warehouses to purchase new season corn, offering a purchase price of 1.3 yuan per jin, or 2,600 yuan per ton.Corn prices in northeast China are now higher than those in north China.With the gradual extension of the market situation, Lao Dao judges that this round of corn price in northeast China will continue for a period of time, with the increasing reduction of grain sources and the purchase between industries, multiple dimensions further boost the northeast corn price opportunities and price situation.Let’s pay attention to the latest situation of corn price rise in northeast China first.New season corn price briefing: Pengcheng Biochemical: new season corn purchase price 1.176 yuan per catty, per ton up 26 yuan;Cofco Biochemical Longjiang: the purchase price of new season corn is 1.138 yuan per catty, up 20 yuan per ton;Jilin Fuel ethanol: the purchase price of new season corn is 1.255 yuan per catty, up 20 yuan per ton;Boda Biochemical: the purchase price of new season corn is 1.25 yuan per catty, up 20 yuan per ton;Jilin Plum Blossom: the purchase price of new season corn is 1.255 yuan per catty, up 20 yuan per ton;Jilin New Tianlong: the living price of new season corn is 1.259 yuan per catty, up 60 yuan per ton;Yihai Kerry: The living price of new season corn is 1.300 yuan per catty, up 30 yuan per ton;Tidal grain corn price briefing: Jilin Boda: the new season tidal grain corn price 0.9898 yuan per catty, 37 yuan per ton;Cofco Biochemical Longjiang: the price of corn in the new season tide grain is 0.966 yuan per catty, up 18 yuan per ton;Pengcheng Biochemical: new season corn prices 0.950 yuan per catty, per ton up 20 yuan;Jilin New Tianlong: the price of corn of new season tide grain is 1.0262 yuan per catty, up 60 yuan per ton;Through the above northeast deep processing enterprises price adjustment situation, also once again for us that this round of corn prices will steadily advance.Driven by the rush to harvest of coFCO and Stored grain in the market, the change of grain source and grain quality also further boosted the trend of high grain prices.So for the vast number of farmers, the most critical problem is the storage environment, at the same time to seize their own opportunities to sell grain.According to the short-term meteorological situation, from February 19 to February 28, China will also appear a series of rain and snow weather, temperature will be at a lower level, which is also conducive to grain storage.But as March approaches, the risk of grain storage will increase once temperatures rise.In addition, recently, we can find that the price of fertilizer and diesel fuel in China continues to rise, which is Lao Dao’s biggest concern.Although corn prices have risen at present, the rising prices of agricultural materials and diesel fuel will further increase farmers’ cost of planting land.So hopefully they can take advantage of this increase and sell their corn at a higher price so they can have more money to plan for 2022.(For reference only) I am a northeast people, looking at the northeast farmers are not easy;I am a farmer, know farmers to farm hard;My dream, I hope one day all northeast farmers old tie, can sell grain to make more money;Today I choose to act and do my best to speak for farmers.Become the staff of the old iron farmers to sell grain;The big and small situation that pays attention to three farmers for farmer old iron;To bring real and useful information to farmers every day;