Capital: Continuously improve the quality of water environment to enhance people’s happiness

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Water environment is an important indicator to measure the ecological environment of a region. Our city has been focusing on improving the quality of water environment, making the masses feel the sense of happiness and gain brought by water environment protection and water quality improvement.File photo: Dahei River in spring, clear water, green shore, gliding and shallow bottom, attracting countless migratory birds to stay in the dynamic ecology is unforgettable.”I walk along the river every morning to exercise.It’s not spring. Look at all the migratory birds here.Do you think it’s not good to breathe the fresh air every day and look at the beautiful scenery at home?”Pan, a citizen who exercises in the black River, said with a smile.File photo Uncle Pan described the beautiful scenery, before 2016, was known as “dirty, messy and bad”, is a stubborn disease in the construction of ecological civilization in our city.In 2016, the city carried out centralized renovation of the urban section of The Daheihe River. In 2021, the municipal water department made the Daheihe river full of vitality once again and became a good place for citizens to take a walk by vigorously implementing the comprehensive ecological management project of river renovation, embankment reinforcement and landscape greening.File photo: Hailiu Reservoir in Tuzuo Banner in March, also welcomed a number of migratory birds, such as swans, herons, herring gull, gull, add a aura to the reservoir.Starting in 2018, four to five thousand red ducks will stop migrating south each year and settle down permanently.Now, the sea current reservoir 30 kilometers away from the urban area, every year there are more than 10 species of tens of thousands of migratory birds, here has become an important “transit” and “supply station” migratory birds on the way.File photo: Daheihe and Tuzuo Banner current reservoir change is only a microcosm of our city’s deep fight to protect clear water.While doing a good job in the construction of ecological rivers and lakes, the city is also constantly regulating the drainage management of industrial enterprises.In 2021, jinshan Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade project and Bandingying sewage Treatment Plant phase III 120,000-ton/day expansion project will be completed and put into use.Through in-depth investigation and rectification of sewage outlets into the river, consolidating and improving the supervision capacity of sewage outlets into the river, and implementing the monitoring and monitoring capacity construction project of sewage outlets into the river, the water environment of the city continued to improve.China has completed the division of 21 water source protection areas for “1,000 tons and 10,000 people”, and the quality of urban centralized drinking water sources has reached 100% standards for 15 consecutive years.The mean annual water quality of Lamawan section, Wanjiazhai Reservoir and Hunhe section into Huangkou reaches class ⅱ, and the mean annual water quality of Dajinhuangkou section reaches class ⅳ.The water quality in front of sanfen sluice section of Xiaoheihe river continued to improve, reaching class ⅲ for four consecutive months since September last year.The proportion of state-controlled surface water of the city was 60%, and the proportion of inferior ⅴ water was 20%, which met the assessment requirements of the autonomous region.File Photo: In 2022, Zhuhai will continue to strengthen ecological protection and management, continue to promote the investigation and remediation of sewage outlets into the Yellow River, establish a sewage outlet monitoring system, and implement fine supervision and standardized management of sewage outlets into the river.Completed the phase II (Phase I) construction of Jinshan Development Zone sewage treatment Plant, and actively promoted the construction of three EOD sunken sewage treatment plants in Lamasying, Science and Technology City and Princess Fu, as well as the phase II renovation of Jinqiao Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant and Zhanggaying Sewage Treatment Plant.We will continue to investigate and improve black and odorous water bodies in cities.We will strengthen standardized construction of centralized drinking water sources in cities at and above the county level.We will steadily advance pollution prevention and control and ecological restoration in the Hasu Sea.To coordinate the production, deployment and utilization of reclaimed water, and strive for national and regional pilot projects of reclaimed water recycling.The continuous improvement of water ecology is not only reflected in the subtle data, but also in the eyes of the people, so that everyone can enjoy the “green well-being”.Wetland area is increasing, migratory birds “clock in” on “cloud” qingcheng mountain ~ on time into the mobile phone into the community, the public security organs to open “fancy” anti cheat propaganda source: comprehensive Hohhot Hohhot daily new media center daily news Sha-sha liu as a whole/xiu-fen guo proof reading/wen-yan wang At the end of the first trial/Duan Lei leffler final/Allah teng wen design: he ran the statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: