A man in Milan has been arrested for rioting in a Chinese food shop, beating the owner’s wife and abusing police

2022-05-17 0 By

A man has been arrested for insulting local police and wounding the owner of a food shop, according to Italian newspaper Chinese Street.The alarm was raised by a female shop assistant at a food store run by A Chinese national in Via Brusuglio, near Milan’s Niguarda hospital.In Via Brusuglio, near Niguarda Hospital, a saleswoman at a food shop run by A Chinese citizen alerted the police to the disturbance.When milan regional police arrived, they were severely insulted by the man and tried to attack them.When the owner’s wife tried to stop him, she violently pushed her to the ground, breaking her tibia and fibula and suffering injuries that the hospital diagnosed as taking 40 days to heal.As a result, a 49-year-old Italian man with a previous conviction was arrested in Milan on the night of 22 January on charges of resisting a public servant and aggravated assault, in addition to insulting a public servant.