Zhang Weiliang spoke, Fan Chenghua, Hao Yanhong and others attended the city’s video scheduling meeting on epidemic prevention and control

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Zhang Weiliang epidemic prevention and control work in the city of video scheduling meeting emphasized precise never lax always attaches great importance to the prevention and control measures FanChengHua yan-hong hao to attend the meeting on January 24th the evening, after the tuned the provincial epidemic prevention and control work of video scheduling, zhuhai held a meeting immediately, seriously implement the deployment requirements, the provincial party committee and government, the analysis facing the situation,Re-mobilize, re-arrange and re-deploy the epidemic prevention and control work in the city.Zhang Weiliang, Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and leader of the Municipal Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech. Fan Chenghua, Mayor and leader of the Municipal Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, and Hao Yanhong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and first Deputy leader of the Municipal Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control attended the meeting.Zhang weiliang pointed out that the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading around the world, with outbreaks in many places in China, especially around the Spring Festival, when the flow of people and logistics is at its peak. The pressure of “preventing the importation of COVID-19 from abroad and the rebound from it at home” is increasing, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is still complex and grim.The whole city must always pay high attention to the situation, and must not be lax and careless. We must strengthen risk awareness and bottom-line thinking, firmly consolidate the “four-party responsibility”, implement the “four-party early requirements”, and effectively and accurately implement all epidemic prevention and control measures to protect people’s life and health.Zhang Weiliang stressed the need to adhere to the rapid screening control in place.Efforts will be made to ensure the screening of grids in rural areas (communities) and all kinds of bayonet openings, and mass prevention and control will be the first pass.For big data push, foreign letter assistance personnel, to be determined to receive that check, clear the day, not one person.Precise isolation and control should be carried out for people receiving close contacts from confirmed patients and those receiving close contacts from medium – and high-risk areas, and standardized management of isolation sites should be carried out to ensure various services.Medical institutions at all levels should strictly manage pre-examination, triage and fever clinics, implement the system of first diagnosis responsibility, and in particular, optimize the medical treatment process, ensure scientific and meticulous control, and ensure orderly medical treatment for the masses.Eight teams should be mobilized for intensive flow control, isolation, treatment, sampling, testing, disinfection, community prevention and control, and health education, and adequate quarantine sites and epidemic prevention materials should be prepared, and emergency drills and preparations should be strengthened.Key areas such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and supermarkets should be closely monitored, and prevention and control measures such as scanning codes, temperature measurement, wearing masks and one-meter noodles should be carried out.Departments at all levels should strengthen organization and leadership, between staying a duty, between staying is responsible, strict enforcement of unattended on duty, emergency disposal and information submitted to the system, pays special attention to the economy as a whole, project construction, pollution control, market supply, improve people’s livelihood, production safety, letters and stability, such as priority, to ensure the security and stability of the overall interests of society,To ensure that the people enjoy a happy, safe and peaceful Spring Festival.City leaders Zhang CAI, Li Xuejun, Zhao Hongshan, Xue Hongzhi attended the meeting.◈ the closing of the second session of the 13th CPPCC Municipal Committee
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