What good through time and space theme of animation?

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Since I was a child, I have seen time-travel animation, and now time-travel animation is still very popular, it seems that this type is eternal.Through time and space, time is time, space is space, time through the past or through the future, space through the alien world or even unimaginable the original non-existent world.Especially when I was a child see animated called time shuttle, leading role is to add a parrot, boys and girls name is really forget, villain name but I remember very clearly, this animation theme song is sing a fiend, thin man called gru, fat man called shark, a coveted treasures in colorful’s elder sister, called demon her elder sister, although fat combination is bad guy is a genius scientist,The main character’s time machine is dirt and bad, and the bad guy’s machine is always broken, and then new ones are made.As the name of the cartoon says, through time, the protagonist is looking for grandpa, while the villain is looking for treasure. It happens that the era where the protagonist grandpa goes is a place full of precious stones, so they have the same goal. Wherever you go, I go with you, it is inevitable that there will be conflicts and battles in different times.Patron also an animation is called “zodiac”, three do not have what relation with tang, leading role is twelve personified animal, is the Chinese zodiac, they live in a special floating island, there was a princess is a leader, there is a mechanical tianma in the shape of a ship, can let everybody driving through time and space, to all sorts of fairy tales in the world,Their aim is to correct the altered fairy tale.In the cartoon, the villain is Catwoman, who has a vendetta against the main character, the mouse. They are instructed by a queen to destroy various fairy tale worlds, so the conflict is born.What impressed me most was that mouse used a lightsaber, the same one used by Yoda in Star Wars.In recent years, there have been a lot of trips through the alien world. For example, In Overlord, Gu Aotian takes his game characters to travel through the alien world. Because he is too strong, he can only fight with the air, and when he finds himself invincible, he can do whatever he wants.Just watch him act like he’s hot.”About my metempsychosis became into a slimy about this” name long animated, and bone proud day not the same style, the somebody else is also the dragon across to the plane just swallowed a proud history of days without seeing no trouble, just want to open happy heart with possessed farming development, but there is always the enemy to come to pick, I want to kind the enemy didn’t allow, in addition to fight fairly warm animated.The animation “and holds no post reincarnate” for some special reason in station B from the shelves, the protagonist is a pretty unpleasant otaku in modern Japan, has litter in the room not to come out, after be evicted by a truck, through to a different world, the sword and magic soul wear through into the baby, said reborn, the species will become the European and American people, to see him again, not in this lifetime,This animation is about growing up, saying goodbye to the past and new life and new friends.Wen: The Dragon Knight Sheru