Race a liar!The 200,000 people were saved

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Telecom network fraud is pervasive how to effectively prevent telecom network fraud is the most urgent work recently Tengchong City Public Security Bureau Tengyue police station to prevent two consecutive telecom fraud for the people to keep the hard-earned money “please help me!””Police comrade, I suspect oneself was defrauded by telecommunication, help me please!”At 19:00 on April 2, Mr. Zhou went to tengchong City Public Security Bureau tengyue police station for help.After learning, Mr. Zhou through a link online loan 50,000 yuan but did not receive the loan, customer service informed him to provide a wrong bank card number, now must pay 40,000 yuan deposit to loan.Before the transfer, Mr. Zhou suddenly remembered that he had accepted the anti-fraud propaganda of the police station before, with doubts in the heart, he hurried to the police station for consultation.After listening to Mr. Zhou’s encounter, the police immediately identified Mr. Zhou met network loan telecom fraud.”Do not listen to do not believe do not transfer money, as long as you do these points, cheater also take you have no way!”Police again on his propaganda to prevent telecom network fraud related knowledge, and on-site guidance to install the “National anti-fraud center APP”.After listening to the police’s explanation, Zhou Xiansheng inhaled a cool breath, said that the future loan will be dealt with by formal financial institutions.”Never transfer money!””Elder sister!We’re from the police station!Don’t listen to a liar!Don’t transfer money!”At 17:05 on April 3rd, Tengyue police Station received instructions from the command center of Tengchong Public Security Bureau: The anti-fraud center found that Ms. Ding was suspected of being cheated. The command center had called to dissuade Ms. Ding for many times, but Ms. Ding did not listen. Please find the party concerned to dissuade her as soon as possible.After receiving the order, tengyue police station quickly out of the police disposal, while letting the community police officer Chen and Ms. Ding telephone communication, delayed operation, while sending direct to Ms. Ding residence.Police arrived at the scene, the first time to “grab” Ms. Ding mobile phone, after viewing found that Ms. Ding has been induced into the trap, fortunately, no transfer.It is understood that the day of the incident fraudsters tricked Ms. Ding into investing in financial management on the network, when the transfer is about to be, the police promptly entered the door to dissuade, exposed the liar’s lies, to save the 150 thousand yuan of Ding Lady hard saved.After learning the truth, Ms. Ding excitedly said to Police officer Chen: “Fortunately you come in time, if really in accordance with the requirements of the fraud transfer, my hard money can be all gone!”1. Be sure to invest through formal channels.Do not easily click to install the APP recommended by others of unknown origin.If you need to use APP for investment and financial management, please check whether it is legal and reliable first.2. We must be on our guard against any network financing involving high interests.3 in the face of all kinds of advertised “professional guidance”, “high return”, “steady profit” and other network investment financial marketing to keep a clear head, do not impulse to follow.4. Do not trust unqualified so-called experts and masters, do not blindly join investment and financing groups, and do not invest in some unknown network platforms and apps, which are mostly fake platforms built by fraudsters and can modify data at will.Tengyue Police Station Source: Baoshan Police