The beginning of spring | Li De, li life, li line, set a good year

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The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms.Ancient book “Qunfang spectrum” said: “Set up, was also built.Spring is established from the beginning.”From the beginning of spring, the spring breeze sends warmth, the earth thaws, everything is the prelude to the growth of all things.A year’s plan depends on spring, the beginning of spring, people imitate heaven and earth, moral, in order to pick up their own Yang;Life, in order to straighten out the body and mind;Next year good, next year’s energy.01 Li De Spring Yang gas turn.After the start of spring, Yin qi begins to weaken, Yang Qi begins to rise, and the temperature rises slowly.Big universe, Yang qi rises again.And the human body, this small universe, needs Yang qi to rise, this Yang qi is to do good deeds.In the Book of Rites · University, it is said that “Virtue embellishes the body.”Dong Zhongshu of the Han Dynasty explained, “Therefore, those who are humane and live long should have no greed outside but quiet inside, peace of mind and integrity, and take the beauty of heaven and earth to nourish their body.”Good deeds and virtue can stimulate Yang in the body.A good heart gives birth to Yang, can sweep away the haze in one’s heart, and vitality will be restored.Good people, calm and warm, often find satisfaction and joy in helping others.And the inner dark people, often into tension and pain, in the long run, the body naturally worse.The ancients said: “Benevolence, spring of virtue also.”After the beginning of spring, all things revive and all things renew. Heaven and earth show their love for life, which also inspires us to cultivate the virtue of “love”.Doing good deeds can coruscate the inner light, recover their own Yang qi, set up the next year’s spirit.We often say that a year’s plan begins in spring.Spring is the beginning of a year, but also the beginning of a year’s career.The beginning of spring, but also in mind for their own mission for the year, clear goals for the year, the steps of work and so on.In zhouyi, it is said that being in the right position can seal one’s life.To be upright means to have a correct attitude, to hold the bottom line, and not to go astray.Each in his place, each in his mind.Do not have unreasonable thoughts in mind, guard their own affairs, will not point fingers at other people’s affairs.Condensing life, is to focus on the mind, give up miscellaneous thoughts.Our mind, our emotional intelligence is in the daily dissipation, so we should gather these thoughts, do not make the loss of no matter.To control their own mind, to control their own thoughts, this is called “coagulative”, coagulative gas can keep their own mind, focus on the challenge.The plan of the year should be considered at this time, everything should be planned early, have a good start, lay a good foundation for the future.Spring is short, the beginning of spring is also like life, good time is fleeting, anyone should cherish.In ancient times, the son of Heaven would welcome spring in the eastern suburbs with his vassals and doctors at the start of Spring.This is the ancient people’s gratitude for spring.Fortune has given us new vitality and a new beginning. Wise men will be grateful and seize this opportunity to set up their mission and start their career for the year.A year’s plan lies in spring, the plan of life lies in diligence.Spring is the season of growth, all things erupt, spring flowers bloom, but also hard work, quietly cultivated season.China has been an agricultural country since ancient times, planting in spring and harvesting in autumn is the key in spring.After the beginning of spring, the earth thaws and the ploughshare opens the land that has been idle for a winter.In the past, there was a folk custom of “beating the spring ox” on the start of Spring.On the eve of The start of Spring, two artists dressed as “spring officials” shout “Spring is coming” along the street, which is called “prologizing spring”. There are also children who send “spring ox picture” from house to house to remind people to prepare for spring farming and not miss the time of farming.Spring breeze, spring river, spring water, spring people drink spring wine, spring official whip spring cattle.The ancients in the quiet beauty of the pastoral scenery, hard work, dedication to work, today we appreciate the virtues of spring, but also to use their own hands to create a happy life.If spring does not plow, autumn is hopeless;If little is idle, old age has no shelter.Industry is the foundation of a man’s life.No matter how beautiful the plan is, it can only be a dream if it is not put into practice.Thinking is the problem, doing is the answer.God is fair, all efforts will not be disappointed, as long as willing to work hard, there is always a harvest day.Make virtue, make orders, make actions, and make a good year.Another fine spring day.Point a look, not spring, not time, let us set goals, stride forward.Today, a green house to say to you “Spring” in the best beginning of the year, I wish you: peace of mind and body and peace of eternal peace