Once helped thousands of people realize the American dream, but died of illness in prison, “smuggled queen” Sister Ping’s life

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She gave thousands of people the American dream, only to die in prison.She is known as the “smuggling queen” ping elder sister.Sister Ping sister Ping also known as Zheng Cuiping, sister Ping’s family was very hard when she was young. At that time, the reform and opening up was only a few years, not to mention studying, enough to eat was a problem.Young ping elder sister is very sensible, often help the family to do housework, in order to make money, she directly abandoned her studies, with his father when a sailor.When Sister Ping got married and had a baby, her husband could not bear the poor life and chose to leave Fujian with the family and emigrate to Hong Kong.To Hong Kong, from the village out of the ping sister just know, what is heaven beyond heaven, the city’s bustling, bustling streets and she lives in the mountains and gullies, completely can not compare.In order to stay in Hong Kong, Sister Ping had amazing business acumen and soon opened a department store in Hong Kong. Coupled with her money-making acumen, she was relatively well-known in that area.Soon the “American dream” exploded and many people wanted to sneak into the United States to live a different life there.Sister Ping is no exception.It wasn’t until 1981 that Sister Ping got a chance to go to the United States.At that time, she was already a minor celebrity in Hong Kong, and she was making a lot of money. There was no shortage of money.But the American dream still deeply influenced her, and eventually she abandoned everything in Hong Kong and chose to go to the United States.After arriving in the United States, Sister Ping began her smuggling business. After arriving in the United States, Sister Ping took advantage of her amazing business acumen and soon established herself in the United States, opening several shops.It wasn’t long before the business-minded woman discovered that smuggling was a faster way to make money.In the late 1980s, many people had the American dream and desperately wanted to sneak into the United States.Ping elder sister is take a fancy to this point, opened the people smuggling business.Not only so she also do more and more, in order to make money, she organized a lot of scattered smuggling gangs at that time, so that everyone is rich.How lucrative is smuggling?At the time, Ms Ping charged no less than $20,000 for each stowaway, but within a few years it had risen to $30,000, or even $40,000.But even so, many people are willing to break the bank to get to the United States.After smuggling to earn money, he also thought of the way to make money on the stowaway, that is, after a lot of stowaways hit the black work, the money sent home became a big problem.Ping elder sister takes a fancy to this point, engaged in a business to help send money.Because she had great prestige in Chinatown at that time, many people trusted her.And she will never take any money, as long as you give her the money, mailing address, contact information.She will send it to you every cent, and only charge you a 3 percent handling fee.It is this integrity, let ping sister’s reputation is getting better and better, looking for her business more and more people.In just one year, she earned tens of millions of dollars by handling fees. In order to expand her business, she directly invested more than three million dollars to buy a building, specializing in handling “transfer business” for those people.But with the business mind of the ping elder sister, and thought of a way to make money in the stowaway, that is loans.And the interest rate is very high, but even so, there are still many people desperate to borrow money from Sister Ping.Can’t pay back the money?At that time, Sister Ping had plenty of means, because at that time she also engaged in intermediary business.It’s a place where they introduce the Chinese who are smuggled here to the gangs.If you can’t pay back the money, Sister Ping will send you to work in a designated place, using the wages to pay off the debt.In those days, anyone who dared to borrow money from a usurer was sure to be afraid that you could not pay it back.On June 6, 1993, Sister Ping used the “Golden Adventure” to smuggle more than 300 Chinese.Unexpectedly, after hundreds of days of sailing, an accident happened when we were about to arrive in America.The Golden Adventure ran aground because of pilot error.A cargo ship ran aground, the United States police is also very seriously, immediately sent a large number of police to investigate.Unexpectedly at that time, the smugglers saw the arrival of the American police, afraid of being exposed, and even took a gun to the group of stowaways, jumped into the sea to swim to the other side.The spectacular scene of hundreds of people jumping into the sea that day made the news in the United States, and more than a dozen people died despite an immediate police search.The story caused a stir in the United States and also involved people smuggling.Paper is not wrapped fire, in the United States police investigation, police quickly locked sister Ping.But this time sister Ping had already received the news and fled.Unable to find Sister Ping, the American police got the news that Sister Ping might have fled abroad, and directly listed her as an international wanted person.However, Justice may be absent, but he will not be late. On April 17, 2000, Hong Kong police found a clue and arrested Sister Ping.Despite repeated appeals, She was sentenced to 35 years in prison by the United States.Unfortunately, in 2014, She died of illness in an American prison.She led an illustrious life, helping thousands of people smuggle into the United States, and was nicknamed the “Queen of Smuggling.”She helped a lot of people realize the American dream, and also made a lot of money from illegal work.She offered loans to stowaways when they had no money, and money transfers when they couldn’t send money home.In the eyes of many stowaways, she is a kind and good person,