Jiujiang investigated 116 cases of drunk driving and 12 cases of drunk driving during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-05-15 0 By

Jiujiang News network (Jiujiang Daily all media reporter Zhang Qian) During the Spring Festival, Jiujiang public security traffic police continued to punish drunk driving traffic violations.Long vacation 7 days, the city’s public security traffic control department investigated and punished drunken driving motor vehicles 116 cases, including 12 drunk driving, two drunk driving 15 cases.February 4 at 19:29, Xu drinking after driving a small car in Chai Sang District port town road section was traffic police seized, after blowing detection, Xu alcohol content is 61mg / 100ml, belongs to driving motor vehicle after drinking;At 19:46, Zhou drinking after driving a small car in the same section of road was seized, after blowing detection, Zhou alcohol content is 67MG100ml, belongs to drunk driving motor vehicle.The police found in further verification that Zhou had been investigated for drunk driving by the second traffic police brigade on February 28, 2019, and this was a second drunk driving.At 20:14, Chen drinking after driving a small car in the above section of road was seized, after blowing detection, Chen alcohol content is 77mg / 100ml, belongs to driving motor vehicle after drinking.February 4 at 22 xu, Yang drinking after driving two motorcycles in Wuning County People road traffic police seized.The judicial identification center of the blood test that night, Yang’s blood alcohol content of 125mg / 100ml, is drunk driving, suspected of dangerous driving crime.At present, Yang mou was taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law, the next step will be transferred to the procuratorate for prosecution.February 6 at 23 xu, Zou driving license plate for Guangdong T9XXXH small passenger car in the Yangtze River avenue peninsula section was the second brigade on duty police stopped, after blowing detection, Zou alcohol content is 70mg / 100ml, belongs to drunk driving motor vehicle.Police through further inspection found that as early as 2016, Zou was punished for drunk driving motor vehicle, and this time Zou said, “The New Year, so late there will be no traffic police check drunk driving.”Holding this kind of fluke psychology, Zou mou drove on the road after drinking, who knows or captured by traffic police.Jiujiang public security traffic police to remind the majority of traffic participants, traffic illegal rectification do not have a holiday, drunk driving every day check, refused to drink driving, safe home.