It is dangerous for the “dragon” fleet to enter the Yangtze River

2022-05-15 0 By

‍‍‍ Recently, the Fast response disposal Center of West Port district of Zhangjiagang Maritime Safety Administration inspected the navigation order of vessels out of wushan gate through CCTV, and found that “Lu Jining toport” fleet towed about 150 meters of dredging pipeline into the Yangtze River from the gate, occupying navigable waters, blocking the channel, seriously affecting the navigation safety of the Yangtze River.The west Port Area of the bureau of quick response disposal center immediately contacted the captain of the tug by phone, informed of the navigation risks of the towing voyage, and required immediate return to the inland river.At the same time, distribute disposal tasks to the sixth fast anti-law enforcement unit for traffic organization to prevent dangerous situations.After receiving the task, “Haipatrol 06815” quickly set sail, according to the scene situation through VHF navigation safety information, remind the upstream and downstream vessels to strengthen lookout, take the initiative to avoid, and contact the fleet to order it to return to the original way in a safe situation.Subsequently, in the sea patrol boat site organization, the fleet smoothly into the gate waiting area.Maritime reminder: According to article 22 of regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Inland River Traffic Safety Administration:A vessel carrying or towing an object of excess weight, length, height, width or semi-submersible in navigable inland waters must, 24 hours before loading or towing, report to the maritime administrative authority for approval of the route and time to be navigated, and take necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of the vessel carrying or towing.Vessels in need of escort shall apply to the maritime administrative authority for such protection.‍ ‍ ‍ ‍