Ding Weiwei, Secretary of binzhou Communist Youth League, visited the children of “Hope Hut” in Difeng Street, Wudi County

2022-05-15 0 By

Dazhong · Poster news reporter Li Cunding Lin Hao Correspondent Cao Qingping Binzhou reported a small house, infinite hope.Recently, binzhou pku secretary Ding Weiwei in wudi county deputy secretary of the turn, secretary of the party working fujui wang Di fung street, wudi group county party committee secretary David chang, turn group county party committee, vice secretary of Xu Jing, to measure Di fung street village “hut” sponsored child in home visits condolences activities, Di fung street working committee deputy secretary zhang, deputy director of the party working committee, the office Gu Xiao accompanied.Ding Weiwei and his delegation had a cordial talk with parents, detailed understanding of the children’s learning situation, encourage children to be optimistic about life, set up lofty ideals, and sent to the children cotton clothes, school supplies, daily necessities and other “love package”.Since the deployment of the “Hope Hut” care project by the Municipal and county Youth League Committees, the Youth League Working Committee of Difeng Street has actively carried out its work. At present, four “Hope Hut” have been completed and put into use, bringing clean, comfortable and warm living and learning environment for the four assisted children.In the future, Difeng Street will continue to do a good job in the construction of “Hope Hut” with strict standards, and do a good job in the later management and volunteer pair care action.We should really build and maintain “Hope Hut”, polish the brand of “Hope Hut”, tell the story of “Hope Hut” well, deliver the value of “Hope Hut”, and make a positive contribution to the healthy growth of minors.