According to the Ministry of Education, the 2022 high school entrance examination will not be allowed to exceed the requirements of the test, and the content will be expanded and reduced at will

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, April 6 (reporter Wang Peng)According to the website of the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, the General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued a notice on the preparation work of the 2022 High school entrance examination. The notice requires that the syllabus or instructions of the middle school academic Proficiency examination should be strictly based on the curriculum standard questions, and the examination content should not exceed the requirements or be expanded or reduced at will.High school curriculum content, subject competition questions and off-campus training content are strictly prohibited as the test content, to ensure that standardized propositions and teaching and examination cohesion.All localities should set the difficulty of test papers in a scientific and reasonable way to prevent them from increasing students’ academic burden, and also to prevent them from being difficult to distinguish.According to the characteristics of different subjects, we should set up the structure of examination papers reasonably, reduce the memorization of examination papers, increase the exploration, openness and comprehensive examination papers, resolutely prevent the eccentric questions, and promote the effective examination of students’ comprehensive quality.Notice is put forward, want to promote provincial unification proposition actively.The provinces that have not yet implemented the unified proposition at the provincial level, especially those that have problems such as imperfect proposition management, insufficient condition guarantee, insufficient number of proposition personnel and low quality of proposition, should actively create conditions to achieve the unified proposition at the provincial level by 2022 and ensure the quality of proposition.Provinces that do not have the necessary conditions should study and put forward a work plan for accelerating the implementation of the unified test at the provincial level, specify a timetable and road map, and realize the unified test at the provincial level by 2024.In terms of strengthening the political examination of test questions, the circular proposed to establish a political examination system for test questions, effectively strengthen the political examination of test questions in all subjects, especially Chinese, ethics and rule of law, history, geography and other subjects, focusing on the value orientation of test materials selection and the rigor of the use of materials.Put an end to the use of national flag and emblem patterns are not standardized, incomplete national map layout, do not respect national customs and religious beliefs and other issues, to ensure that the correct political direction of the test.In addition, the circular asked localities to carefully select examiners to ensure that they meet the basic requirement of “no less than five people (including at least two examiners) in each subject test group” set by the state.At the same time, all localities are required to do a good job in marking papers, establish a subjective examination question “multiple evaluation” system and test paper sampling review system, to ensure the quality and fairness of marking papers.