Vertical large screen, avant-garde modeling, Honda two pure electric SUV spring on the market, the endurance of more than 500 kilometers

2022-05-14 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, which means that the New Year’s plans of major car companies will be clearer, and Honda, a car brand that many consumers care about, will launch a new pure electric model this year.According to the official release of information, Guangqi Honda E :NP1 and Dongfeng Honda E :NS1 will be officially launched in the spring of this year, the two models are pure electric SUV models, dongfeng Honda E :NS1 CLTC range will reach 510 kilometers.From the appearance, the modeling of these two models are very sci-fi avant-garde, and the closed grille used by pure electric models also makes the front face look more concise, with sharp modeling of the big lamp group, further add visual impact.It’s worth noting that the “H” logo on the front also supports lighting, a detail that adds to the sci-fi look.In terms of body size, Dongfeng Honda E :NS1’s length, width and height are 4390/1790/1560mm, and the wheelbase is 2610mm. Guangqi Honda E :NP1’s body size is basically the same. Both cars belong to the category of compact SUV, and there is not much space advantage from the wheelbase.The shape of the side of the body is very compact and full, without the use of complex waist line design, the line of the roof is relatively flat, which will be very beneficial to the space of the back row.In terms of details, the rear door handles will have a hidden design, which is similar to the bin Zhi and XR-V designs. It is also a family style inheritance, adding more personalized color to the appearance.In terms of interior, the new car focuses on creating a technological atmosphere of interior, the most conspicuous is the eye-catching size of the vertical large screen, looks very different from the interior style of previous Honda models, but this is a good thing for pure electric models, belonging to the trend of interior style.And this large screen size reaches 15.2 inches, not only the size is powerful enough, but also the vertical design makes it become the focus of the central console, I believe enough to meet the pursuit of consumers for the sense of science and technology.Thanks to the large screen of science and technology, there are not too many physical buttons in the whole central console, so the visual effect is more simple, I believe that the intelligent technology experience of the new car will not be inferior.The instrument panel adopts an open design, with a penetrating air conditioning outlet and a three-panel multi-functional steering wheel, including the popular interior elements. The bright color elements used in details make the finishing point, adding a more youthful atmosphere to the interior atmosphere.In terms of power, Dongfeng Honda E :NS1 will provide two power versions to choose from. The maximum power of the motor can reach 150 kW, and the range of the motor can reach 510 km under CLTC conditions. Although it is not a very powerful endurance level, it is not a problem for daily travel.In addition, as a member of Honda, both Dongfeng Honda E :NS1 and Guangqi Honda E :NP1 will pay more attention to driving fun, which is naturally good news for consumers who like Honda driving experience. Even equipped with Honda EV Sound acceleration, driving pure electric models still have fun worth expecting.Believe this will also become a new car killer.At present, the comprehensive strength of these two models is commendable, especially the modeling and technology is very eye-catching, obviously will cater to the preferences of young consumers.In addition to Honda will launch a new pure electric model this year, Toyota and Nissan will also accelerate the model layout, which is obviously a good news for consumers who intend to buy pure electric vehicles, the next model options will be more abundant, the new car on the market will be more interesting, it is really worth looking forward to.