Tourist attractions in Liangjiang New Area are hot three days ahead of the Spring Festival holiday

2022-05-14 0 By

Affected by the epidemic, many people staying in Chongqing for the Spring Festival this year chose to travel within the city.Chongqing Daily reporter learned from Liangjiang New Area on February 3, three days before the Spring Festival holiday, liangjiang New Area happy Valley, garden expo park, Liangjiang International Film and Television City and other scenic spots into the city’s popular routes.During the Spring Festival, the garden Expo park launched the cultural theme activities of “Drunk American Style Golden Tiger New Year”, which was loved by citizens and tourists, making the garden even more “New Year flavor”.According to statistics, the expo park attracted nearly 40,000 visitors in the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday.▲ During the Spring Festival, the Garden expo garden taste full of New Year.On the second day of the New Year, the weather was fine.The garden Expo park was a lively and peaceful scene. Many families came here to take pictures of the cartoon tiger, the god of wealth, red envelopes and other spring Theme frames.There are also 500 lantern riddle banners hanging on both sides of the dam bridge in the park, where visitors can taste the charm of the traditional festival by guessing lantern riddles.At the same time, in Happy Valley, the 2022 “Great Chinese New Year Festival” is also in full swing, with all kinds of happy punch cards making visitors dizzying.The first three days of the holiday attracted 15,000 visitors.During the Spring Festival, Happy Valley is very busy.According to the relevant person in charge of happy Valley of Liangjiang New Area, until the Lantern Festival, the annual intangible Cultural Heritage big show of molten iron and steel will be performed every night. The hot molten iron in the air will blossom bright “fireworks”, and the reflection of the lake will reflect each other. Tourists can feel the same gorgeous scene of “The Twelfth Hour of Chang ‘an”.▲ Liangjiang International Film and Television City has many activities.In addition, liangjiang International Film and Television City is also very busy.Traditional folk performances such as Spring Festival parade, lion dance for blessing, the God of Wealth handing out red envelopes, etc., in addition to the newly opened project “Foggy Metropolis Big Stage”, street strange people juggling, old Chongqing song and dance Show…The scenic spot has launched nearly 100 festive folk programs to bring a strong festive atmosphere to the Year of the Tiger.The scenic spot attracted more than 20,000 visitors in the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday.