The proposal sent by wanning Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau to the citizen friend

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Dear citizens, at present, the COVID-19 situation is still grim. As a front-line place serving citizens, the municipal Government Service Hall is characterized by relatively closed space, large flow of people and dense personnel.In order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, and deepen the reform of “zero running” without face-to-face examination and approval, and ensure the normal service needs of the masses of enterprises, Wanning Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau issued the following proposals to the masses of citizens: first, choose “online” and “online”.For urgent affairs, you are advised to choose the no-face approval mode first. You can choose to log in to the following website:’s online declaration, and through the self-help electronic certificates for applying for the, postal delivery or, complete the related business is dealt with, try to avoid unnecessary municipal administrative service hall to transact.Second, encourage and advocate “close to home” “do”.At present, our bureau has authorized a total of 30 administrative examination and approval and public service matters (see annex 1, 2), if you really need to deal with the relevant business, you can directly consult the township convenience service center (township examination and approval office), in combination with their own needs and then declare the relevant matters.Third, consciously do “safe” and “orderly”.If you really need to be dealt with to the scene of the city government affairs service hall business, it is recommended that you ahead of time by consulting phone (see annex 3), wanning net or wanning administrative examination and approval of the people’s government services WeChat public consultations, and strictly implement the “wearing masks, swept into the hall, temperature detection” and other relevant safety measures, interval takes a seat at the waiting room.At the same time, after the completion of matters, to avoid a long time in the hall, increase security risks.In order to effectively protect the life and health safety of the working people, we will also do our best to do a good job in the ventilation and disinfection of the hall, strictly implement preventive measures, do a good job in emergency treatment, and build a solid defense line of safety.Dear citizens, in order to ensure the safety of you and your family, please consciously abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control.We will continue to work hard to provide more convenient, efficient, warm and safe government services for our citizens.Wanning City government affairs Service Hall consultation telephone: 0898-62220027, 0898-62220090 Wanning City Administrative examination and Approval Service Bureau on March 15, 2022 Editor: Peng Ying Driver: Weng Shiwu Chen Mingsi