Note to litigants, if you want to proceed with property preservation, I only recommend pre-litigation property preservation

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There are 3 kinds of litigation preservation, one is before suing, and then within 30 days to Sue, otherwise expired to remove preservation;The other is in litigation, before enforcement;The last one is after the verdict, before the execution.If you apply for preservation, it is generally the later the greater the risk, the earlier the safety, but combined with the preservation before prosecution, there is the possibility that the preserved people know you Sue in advance.Therefore, generally speaking, it is the best choice to apply for preservation at the same time, that is, to submit the statement of complaint and the application for property preservation at the same time.In addition, note: 1. The property preservation, as long as the preservation period, can be automatically extended to the execution stage.2. An application for the renewal of property preservation shall be made 7 days before the expiration of the preservation period.In particular, bank deposits can be frozen for up to one year, movable property such as cars can be seized for up to two years, houses can be seized for up to three years, and shares can be frozen for up to three years.Do not feel that this time is very long, once the second trial, especially like that 1 year, 2 years, are likely to exceed, more than the basic unseal.(I am Lawyer Xia Qihang. If you have any legal questions, please send me a private message and I will reply.)