How bad was Wang Bo?Write “Tengwang Pavilion preface” amazing millennium!Intriguing!

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Hello everyone, welcome to reading this article, I am Di Xiao, please follow our V, so that you can read the latest articles of Black Egg culture in time.Wang Bo, styled Zi ‘an, was born in Longmen of Jiang Zhou (today’s Hejin area of Shanxi Province).Classic sentence “the sea memory bosom friend, tianya Ruobi, recited repeatedly.Famous “Teng Wang Pavilion preface” is universally acclaimed, amazing millennium.According to the Book of the Old Tang Dynasty, he was brilliant and studious since his childhood.At the age of six, he could write a fluent essay; at nine, he had read Yan Shigu’s commentary on the Book of Han; at ten, he was well acquainted with the Six Classics; at fourteen, he should have mastered them.Later, his talent was even more prominent, and at that time, Yang Jiong, Lu Zhaolin, Luobin King together as the four masters of the early Tang Dynasty.In the early years of ganfeng (666 AD), Wang Bo was selected as an aide to the royal palace by Li Xian, son of Gaozong of tang Dynasty, because of his outstanding talent.At a young age, the court on the right phase of the belligerent regime put forward their own views and propositions, pointing out that “open thousands of miles of soil, useless god seal, 180,000 soldiers, empty exhausted emperor pawn” tang Gaozong was very impressed.But Wang Bo was young, talented as he was, he lacked knowledge of the ways of the world and the intricacies of relationships.Finally in later because gather together shouldn’t gather together lively, wrote shouldn’t write article.Li Zhi, emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, was aware of the article “As one of the crown prince’s companions”. He thought that he did not help the crown prince do the right thing, but also wrote articles to provoke the relations between the crown prince. As a result, he was dismissed, dismissed and expelled from the imperial palace.Wang Bo before the high – spirited upward curve of life, suddenly turned straight down.Although wang Bo was depressed during this period, he spent three years visiting the scenery of Bashu mountains and rivers, and created a large number of poems and articles.”Send du Shaofu any Shu state” is wang Bo’s lofty feelings, into the poem of the time is probably between his 17 years old to 19 years old.At that time, he was in the prime of his youth and full of vigor. In his poem, he wrote: the castle complemented the three Qin Dynasties, and the wind and smoke looked at the five jin Dynasty.Parting with the king, with eunuchs.A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.Inaction in the crossroads, children with towel.The last two sentences mean that as long as there is a bosom friend of you in the world, even if far away from the ends of the earth, it seems to be near in the same.Do not need to be separated, at the fork of the road like children as sad tears, soaked skirts.This poem is heroic, open and close, the mood is broad, can be regarded as a farewell poem in the classic.Although there are only 40 words, but there are endless scenery, endless artistic conception, has been widely spread.Throughout his youth, Wang Bo was frustrated in official life and drifted from place to place. Later, he managed to get an army post in Guo Zhou.However, when he was in the guo State to serve in the army, an official slave named Cao Da committed a crime. He hid the criminal and later killed Cao Da for fear that the news would get out. As a result, he committed a crime of death.Wang Bo’s murder was recorded in the Books of the Tang Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. However, many people later believed that Wang Bo was probably jealous and falsely accused by his colleagues because of his outstanding talent.In the end, however, Wang Bo was lucky to escape. He was spared execution by amnesty.After coming out of prison, Wang Bo learned that his old father had been involved in his affairs and had been demoted to jiaozhi (today’s Henan Province) as a county magistrate.Wang bofei often remorse and guilt, the incident to his blow far more than his own punishment.At the age of 26, Wang Bo passed through Nanchang on his way to jiaozhi to visit his father after being demoted and imprisoned twice.This day just caught up with the completion of the Construction of Teng Wang Pavilion, governor Yan invited everyone to dinner, Wang Bo was lucky to be in it, might have just thought to eat a meal, who yan Du in the dinner invited everyone to ink, talent, leave fu memorial.So the fate of the occasion, is also the occasion of the storm, came to the Pavilion of Wang Bo wrote a pen, full of sorrow and resentment to write down the eternal famous “Preface to the Pavilion of Wang Teng”.Things in the world is so wonderful, if not this trip, Wang Bo would not have come to Nanchang, would not have come to teng Wang Pavilion, if not Yan du Du’s banquet, there would not have been this article.The preface to The Pavilion of King Teng is said to have been written by Wang Bo in a flash. His agile thinking and outstanding literary talent immediately shocked the dignitaries and literati who attended the banquet in the pavilion of King Teng.In the preface to tengwang Pavilion, Wang Bo did all the regrets of the ages.Feng Tang is easy to old, Li Guang difficult to seal.Qu Jia Yi in Changsha, channelized Liang Hong in Haiqu.This was his lament for his own life.Wang Bo through the ancient and modern things, continue to his ups and downs.He wrote: Look at chang ‘an in the sun, wu will be in the clouds.Looking back at Chang ‘an, still under the setting sun, Wu Hui seems to be in the sea of clouds, infinite grief in it all.Not only at that time, for thousands of years people for “Teng Wang Ge Preface” love has never stopped.Tang Dynasty everybody Han Yu in “new repair Teng Wangge record” said: “The less the smell of jiangnan more linguan guan, and Teng Wangge alone for the first, magnificent and unique said”.Tang Deyi said in His book “The Wings of Ancient Literature”, “This sequence is very powerful together, and it is especially extraordinary to follow the knot in the surging waves.”Preface to Teng Wang Ge is a classic of parallel prose and a peak in the history of literature.In the summer and autumn of the following year, when Wang Bo wrote the Preface to the Pavilion of King Teng, he crossed the sea from Guangzhou to Jiaozhi to visit his father, who had been demoted by his involvement.Wang Bo was very sad to see his old father exiled to a remote place, but he could not stay there long for his future. He had to plan for the future.What should I do in the future?Will you go back to your hometown or chang ‘an?Perhaps he had the answer already in his mind, but posterity will never know.Because in the third year of the Shang Yuan dynasty, in August 676, wang Bo, at the age of 27, was on his way back from Jiaozhi to the city by way of the South China Sea. He was caught in a strong wind and drowned.A generation of geniuses died before they could fulfill their ambitions.Later, it is said that Li Zhi, emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, after seeing the preface to The Pavilion of King Teng, couldn’t put it down, marveled at his talent, and wanted to recruit him as an official.When he heard that he had fallen into the water and died, he said, “Pity!It is a pity!It is a pity!”Wang Bo’s life is very short, but brilliant as the morning glow, life is not easy, but still lofty.”Sunset clouds and lone ducks fly together, autumn water is the same sky” through the millennium time, still let our lips and teeth stay fragrant.Sometimes can not help but sigh with emotion, the fate of life is really many different ways, now in.May the spirit of Wang Bo inspire us forever, strive to do well today, do our best, know the destiny, and cherish.Good friends, this article is here, I hope to help you.Here I am the emperor little.If you like this article, you are welcome to follow our V, and your likes, pushes, comments and forwarding are also the biggest support for this article. 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