Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary: stop the spread of the virus as soon as possible

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On January 28, Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, went to Runze Yuan Community, Fuyang District, Hangzhou to inspect the implementation of containment measures and supplies.At present, Hangzhou is in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Hangzhou Fuyang District, Shangcheng District have confirmed cases.On the afternoon of March 28, Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee and the first leader of the leading group for COVID-19 prevention and control of Hangzhou, inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and control work in key places such as containment communities and centralized isolation sites in Fuyang District and Shangcheng District of Hangzhou.He stressed that to earnestly study and implement xi jinping, general secretary of COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work important speech spirit of important instructions, epidemic prevention and control as the “head” of countries, around the “reset” total amount control, prevent spillover, early goal, fully activate perfect “source ZhaKong + quick sound activated + hardcore isolation + precision intelligence control” mechanism, to make up the short board weakness finding loopholes,We will adjust and optimize targeted prevention and control measures in a timely manner, further strengthen situational assessment and management of uncertainties, cut off the spread of the virus as quickly as possible, and build a tight defense line for mass prevention and control, so as to win the battle of containment and annihilation at the lowest cost.On January 28, Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, went to The South District of Pufu Jiayuan, Pengbu Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou to inspect the implementation of containment measures and material support.Yuan Jiajun went into Runze Yuan Community, Fuchun Street, Fuyang District, and pufu Home south area, Pengbu Street, Shangcheng District, in the rain, to check the implementation of community containment measures and the guarantee of daily supplies.Yuan jiajun stressed that isolation is the top priority to achieve community zero zero, and must strictly implement the prevention and control measures in the “three zones”, scientifically equipped with containment forces, strengthen community building, packaging, housing work, to ensure that the responsibility to people, contact with households, better build a line of defense against the epidemic.Epidemic prevention cannot be separated from the understanding and support of the residents. We need to rely on and mobilize the public to open communication channels for the quarantined residents, resolve their doubts and difficulties in a timely manner, and ensure that they can safely survive the quarantine period.The safety, prevention and control management of centralized quarantine points is the focus of current epidemic prevention and control work, and every quarantine point is a battlefield.The Sofia Hotel is a centralized quarantine point in the uptown, currently housing more than 120 people.Yuan jiajun inspected the area division and the implementation of control measures at the isolation point, and got a detailed understanding of the management and operation of the isolation point and the work of service guarantee.He pointed out that centralized quarantine is an important link in cutting off the spread of the epidemic. It is necessary to standardize the operation and management of quarantine sites in accordance with the requirements of tabulating and listing, eliminate environmental items in a timely manner, ensure that quarantined people do not leave their homes, ensure that the whole process is managed in a closed loop, seamless and standardized, and resolutely prevent cross-infection.Yuan jiajun told stationing staff to strengthen protection and take turns to rest reasonably.At the same time, as the Spring Festival approaches, more attention should be paid to the humanistic care of quarantined people, thorough ideological work, provide intimate services, and ensure the personalized needs of special groups such as the elderly, children and pregnant women, so as to make epidemic prevention and control more vigorous and warm.▽ On January 28, Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, visited the Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and control in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou to listen to the report on epidemic prevention and control.In the headquarters of epidemic prevention and control in Fuyang District and Shangcheng District, Yuan Jiajun presided over a meeting to study and deploy key issues of epidemic prevention and control.Fuyang district and Shangcheng District respectively reported the current epidemic prevention and control work.In his speech, Yuan pointed out the shortcomings and shortcomings of the current epidemic prevention and control work.He stressed that winning the big battle of epidemic prevention and control requires three articles.We need to make good use of big data and other means to strictly and promptly conduct surveillance on confirmed cases, and promptly control contacts and identify potential risks.The provinces and cities should cooperate and strengthen their efforts to ensure that all aspects of inspection, such as sampling, submission and testing, must be focused on key areas and key groups.For those at risk, it is necessary to put them under centralized or home quarantine, and prevent spillovers at all levels.It is necessary to do a good job in “platoon”, focus on key points, reasonably classify risk levels, implement differentiated prevention and control strategies, implement classified guidance, and promote targeted prevention and control.With strict standards and steady progress, local governments are encouraged to create disease-free communities (villages), mobilize the initiative and creativity of community residents to participate in epidemic prevention and control, and create a strong atmosphere in which everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control.We should do a good job in tracing back articles, make good use of the achievements of digital reform, pay attention to the synchronization of people, review one by one to find weak points and blind spots, carry out accurate and efficient tracing of the source of flow, and identify potential risks as soon as possible without leaving loopholes.Provincial leaders Chen Yijun, Cheng Yuechong, Wang Chengguo to participate in the inspection guidance.Editor in chief: Gu Wanquan Editor in chief: Liu Leping Reporter of Zhejiang Daily Editor: Cao Fei Photo source: Visual China editor: Xiang Jianying