Settle!It will take effect on February 1

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From February 1, a batch of new regulations officially implemented, what impact will it have on life?The National Health Commission (NHC) and other three government departments jointly formulated the management Measures on information disclosure of medical and health institutions, which took effect on February 1.It is clearly stipulated that medical institutions should voluntarily disclose the following information:Low basic situation, the public service functions low agencies department distribution, personnel identification, identification guide’s service contents, key subject and medical agencies access to technology, service process and guidelines such as low related to public health, disease, emergency disposal of low health related services process information, prices, fees low health services such as information science popularization education information and low low bidding procurement information counselingThe Measures for the unified registration of movable property and guarantee of Right, issued by the People’s Bank of China, came into effect on February 1.Among them, the scope of unified registration of chattel and guarantee of rights has been expanded, and the efficiency of market subjects in registration and inquiry of chattel and guarantee of rights will be improved.The unified registration system provides “one-stop service” for registration and inquiry of chattel and guarantee of rights. Guaranty types included in the scope of unified registration are registered online by the parties themselves through the unified registration system, without examination and verification by registration institutions, and take effect immediately.The parties only need to enter the name of the guarantor can be one key query, real-time understanding of all the movable property and rights of the guarantor are publicized.The Measures for the Administration of Information Disclosure of Major Tax Law-breaking and trust-breaking subjects, issued by the State Administration of Taxation, took effect on Feb 1.The criteria for trust-breaking subjects were clarified: the amount of evading and recovering tax arrears was raised from 100,000 yuan to more than 1 million yuan, and the amount of falsely issued VAT invoices was raised to more than 4 million yuan.At the same time, tax withholding agents who fail to pay or underpay the tax withheld or collected and the amount is more than 1 million yuan shall be treated as tax-related parties who illegally provide convenience for taxpayers or withholding agents, resulting in the failure to pay or underpay tax of more than 1 million yuan or defrauding the State of export tax refund.Four types of tax law-breaking subjects, including tax agents who caused taxpayers to fail to pay or underpay tax of more than 1 million yuan, will be included in the scope of trust-breaking subjects.Water supply, gas supply, heat supply units shall set up information advisory issued by window of housing and urban-rural development of the water supply, gas supply, heat supply public enterprises and institutions such as the measures for the implementation of information disclosure, effective as of February 1, urban water supply, gas supply, heat supply and other public enterprises and institutions shall transfer the relevant information in a timely manner through a variety of form at the location of the user, to facilitate the public to know.In case of emergency such as water, gas and heat cut off, relevant information shall be disclosed to the local traditional media and new media platforms in a timely manner.At the same time, information disclosure consultation window should be set up to respond to service objects and public concerns within a limited time. It should be based on hotline or website interactive exchange platform, on-site consultation, etc., and pay attention to the integration of customer service hotline and mobile client of public enterprises and institutions.Source: China Government Website, Hebei Youth Daily, etc. Editor: Fang Shujing, Su Haojun, Chen Zhaoyue, Editor: Zhang Xiaojing