First batch in the province!Xiangshan was selected as zhejiang future rural construction pilot village

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, provincial Finance department, provincial urban and rural style improvement work special class office jointly issued a document, announced the province’s first batch of future rural construction pilot villages.Among them, my county huang Avoid ao township high mud village selected.What is the future country?According to the general office of zhejiang province people’s government about to carry out the “instructional advice on the future of the construction of the rural, humanism, ecology, digital construction direction, according to the construction of hometown, homecoming, xinxiang human body, to form the scenario, create neighborhood, build industry for the construction way, by someone, have a job and making money for the construction orientation,To preserve, folks, nostalgia for the construction features, lack what fill what, what you need to build what principle, create the future industry, landscape, culture, neighborhood, good health, low carbon, scenarios, such as traffic, wisdom, the governance integration “beautiful country + number + rural wealth the country + humanistic country + good governance the country” construction,Strive to build a new rural community that leads digital life experience, presents future elements and highlights the flavor of jiangnan.From 2022 onwards, Zhejiang will build more than 200 future villages every year. According to the Opinions, counties (cities and districts) with rural areas will carry out 1-3 future villages every year.Starting from 2022, the province will build more than 200 future villages every year.By 2025, the province will build more than 1,000 future villages.Leading industries have prospered modern agriculture, beautiful economy, and notable achievements have been made in village management.Digital reform took the lead, the two-pronged approach and two-pronged approach were deepened across the board, agricultural businesses continued to grow, and institutions and mechanisms for entrepreneurship and innovation were improved.The income of permanent residents in the project villages is the highest in the county, and the annual operating income of collective economy is more than 1.5 times that of the average villages in the county.There was a net increase in the number of permanent residents, and the proportion of young and middle-aged people in the population increased.The main features of beautiful livable area, group type overall planning village planning, overall optimization of urban and rural features.We deepened the “three great Revolutions” in the control of rural garbage, sewage and toilets, and improved the long-term control and protection mechanism.The proportion of beautiful courtyard construction exceeds 60%, illegal construction is completely eradicated, and the overall style is harmonious and beautiful.Core socialist values were thoroughly practiced, and the management mechanism and work system for civilized folkways were improved.To balance development and security, and firmly guard the bottom line of future rural development safety.Public cultural facilities, teams, activities and input are effectively guaranteed in rural areas, and cultural services are rich and colorful. The cultural quality of farmers has been significantly improved.Historical and cultural heritage has been effectively protected, excellent rural culture has been passed on in an all-round way, regional cultures have been fully displayed, and rural cultural industries have flourished.Focusing on creating future industries, future health, future transportation and other scenarios, Zhejiang will cultivate and promote a number of leading agricultural enterprises, farmers’ professional cooperatives, family farms, agricultural makers and agricultural service organizations and other operating entities.Rural shopping, catering, finance, telecommunications and other supporting facilities will be improved to create a 15-minute happy life circle.Build a 20-minute medical circle, a 15-minute fitness circle, and a 15-minute pension circle;Scientific layout of parking lots (Spaces), the average household parking space reached more than 1, the construction of new energy vehicle charging facilities;We will achieve full coverage of gigabit optical fiber networks and 5G mobile networks.Source: Zhejiang released first instance: Should Xiayan second instance: Wu Qichao third instance: Zhao Juxiang