Chen Geng anecdote: “Borrow” the great man’s water to drink, “hide” the great man’s smoke, but dare not joke with Su Yu

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As the saying goes, knowing the world and not the world, some people will preserve a pure heart after suffering.They laugh at the society, laugh at life, no matter how hard things are, there are solutions, they are good at making merry in the bitter things.Founding general Chen Geng is such a person, although he has weathered the chaos of war, but he has always kept a childlike heart.Premier Zhou once said that he only appreciated two intellectuals in the military generals, one of which was Chen Geng, Chen Geng’s mind is very flexible, often can turn danger into safety on the battlefield.He was also a very jokester in life and was well liked by everyone who worked with him.He dared to borrow the great man’s water and hide his cigarette at the meeting, but he did not dare to joke with Su Yu.01 Chen Geng General Chen Geng is a famous family after the family grandfather was a famous general in the Qing Dynasty, influenced by the family, Chen Geng is willing to dance gun do stick, has very ambitious ambition.In addition, he has been studying in a private school since childhood, so he has his own thoughts since childhood. In order to pursue his dream, he even ran away from home.Later, he was successfully admitted to the Huangpu Military Academy and became an outstanding graduate of the Academy.Here he met premier Zhou and others, and even saved Chiang Kai-shek’s life.Chen Geng is most famous for his legs, he has a pair of fast legs, the general people ran but him, once Chiang Kai-shek was in danger, it was Chen Geng’s inspiration to save Chiang Kai-shek.Chen Geng was not satisfied with the status quo, but had higher pursuit in his heart.In the Whampoa military academy when he accepted marxism, coupled with his appreciation of the people are communists, so in his heart also early buried the seed, so the last Chiang Kai-shek did not retain Chen Geng.Later Chen Geng also wished to enter the Ranks of the Communist Party, with troops in the battlefield to kill the enemy, after the War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation, he was awarded the rank of general in the invasions ceremony.All said Chen Geng should enter the ranks of the ten marshals, but Chen Geng is very satisfied with his general rank, let alone he is the first general, leading the other generals.Most of the revolutionary generals are dignified and serious. After all, fighting on the battlefield is a very serious matter. If they often laugh, they will lose their prestige in the hearts of the soldiers.But Chen Geng is different, he is a very joke-loving person, often joking with the soldiers, and even with the great man, Premier Zhou also often joking.A great man is a man of great prestige in the hearts of his comrades. Moreover, a great man is a man of no words. If he is not very close to him, he will be afraid of him.But Chen Geng was never afraid of the great man, and even often joked with the great man, and every time he joked with the great man did not scold him, but also appreciated him very much.General Chen Geng’s character also makes him leave a lot of anecdotes, there are a lot of great men, ordinary people dare not make fun of great men, but he dared to make fun of great men.Once a great man held a meeting. The meeting was very important, so the great man did not pay attention to the time and the meeting lasted for a long time.Although everyone felt tired, no one dared to remind him.Chen Geng was very anxious in the following, especially he felt very thirsty, everyone sat well in listening to the great man meeting, but he was looking for water to drink.After the left and right view found only the great man of the table has a glass of water, Chen Geng but no matter who the water, striding to the front of the stage, we were attracted by Chen Geng’s action, holding his breath to see what he wanted to do.Results Chen Geng up after the great cup of water in a drink, we all looked at the geng, but Chen Geng did not take it seriously, also said THAT I have nothing is thirsty.This great man also realized that his meeting some overtime, quickly let everyone end the meeting, go down to rest, Chen Geng expressed his ideas in a special way.Chen Geng not only dared to drink the great man’s water, he also dared to steal the great man’s cigarette.Anyone who knows the great man knows that he was a chain smoker.Especially when the situation was difficult, he would use cigarettes to numb his brain in the hope of coming up with a better idea, but because the smoke was so strong, people in meetings with great men were in trouble.Once Chen Geng was also in the meeting, in order to prevent the great man continuous smoking, he took the initiative to put the great man’s cigarette in his pocket.After the great man finished smoking, looking for his own cigarette, the result is half a day to buy to find.As soon as he looked back to see Chen Geng in his rear, Chen Geng knew that Chen Geng took the cigarette away, Chen Geng also suggested that the great man to smoke less, it is not good for the body.Chen Geng’s cheerful personality and joking people also hit a wall, in the process of getting along with Su Yu, Chen Geng even met his Waterloo in life.Because Su Yu is a very serious general, no matter on the battlefield or in life are meticulous people, it is because of the difference in personality of the two people, so Chen Geng is difficult to make jokes with Su Yu.Chen Geng’s habit of laughing and laughing, especially when emotional is also willing to have a little physical contact to express and each other’s intimacy.Su Yu in the military prestige is very high, is a full general, Chen Geng was also cherish talent, so very looking forward to the meeting and Su Yu, two people meet, Chen Geng can be too excited, but Su Yu was very calm.Chen Geng wanted to hug Suyu, did not expect to side was Suyu pushed away, make Chen Geng is very no face.After that Chen Geng saw Su Yu like a closed door, and did not dare to joke with Su Yu casually, after all, Su Yu would really make him embarrassed.General Chen Geng has made great contributions to our Party all his life.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he also assumed the military industry of our country, and successfully prepared for the Harbin Military Industry.Until now, Harbin Military industry is still a staunch supporter of China’s national defense.China’s national defense cause was able to achieve such important achievements, what General Chen Geng did is indelible.General Chen Geng also attracted a lot of people’s worship and appreciation with his humorous character, and his unique personal charm made many people bow to him, even Premier Zhou never grudged praise on him.Although the great man was often laughed at by him, he never blamed him, and he was even very sure of his wisdom.