232-square-meter luxury flat floor with three bedrooms facing south and a grand hall

2022-05-13 0 By

Today appreciate a 232 square meters of large flat layer, the south of this apartment is very rich, not only all three bedrooms to the south, and there are large horizontal hall, let us feel in detail.The elevator enters the house independently from the entrance hall, reflecting the sense of privacy and noble ceremony.Double open the door highlighted special bearing, after taking the door, the front side can make the dress hat of a top wear, or place porch ark is very ideal.To the south is a bedroom with a toilet, 4m in width, which can be used as a room for children or the elderly.In the middle is the activity hall, living room, study as well as the dining room, western dining room and kitchen on the north side, forming a matrix enclosing layout, integrated activity atmosphere to achieve the ultimate home experience.The activity hall has a southward opening of 7.8m, and the balcony surrounded by it spans the two rooms with a total length of more than 11m, which can satisfy all kinds of hobbies in life.The overall movement separation is clear, the lounge area has three bedrooms.The north and south secondary sleeping distance from the north side of the open window public health close at hand, smooth line.The master bedroom has a 4.5m sleeping area with a double walk-in closet in the middle and a separate wet and dry bathroom with a double wash surface on the north side.How many points do you think you can score for the whole apartment?