Railway “mountain knocker” walking on the cliff

2022-05-12 0 By

In the early morning of winter, there are such a group of people on the side of the 134-kilometer shenzhen-Dalian railway line. They wear hard hats, safety belts and protective clothing, and prepare to conquer the mountains in front of them with hammers and steel rods.Wang Yang, the cadre of bridge and tunnel workshop of Dalian Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., LTD., Du Hailong, the inspection foreman and the workers are working today to measure and investigate the dangerous rock fall disease place, but the steep rock walls and narrow and rugged mountain path undoubtedly tell them that today’s “work” is not so simple.It was also the last of the nine places that the “climbing team” needed to check before the Spring Festival travel rush.In order to meet the Spring Festival transport this big test, dalian section of all cadres and workers up and down one heart, carefully prepare for war.They firmly establish a concept of flood control for the whole year’s work, the use of winter mountain river survey work, the small bridge culvert desilting, cleaning up dangerous rock falling rocks, miscellaneous fill masonry masonry surface cleaning, dangerous tree affecting the safety of train operation and equipment cleaning works, such as reasonable to annual maintenance work in the workshops, go all out to ensure Spring Festival transportation safety.Since the middle of December last year, the Dalian Public Works Section has comprehensively coordinated the inspection force, integrated the dangerous rock falling inspection with the Spring Festival transportation safety inspection, and carried out the flood control safety assessment work.In order to ensure the quality of the investigation and evaluation, this section formulated the evaluation route in detail, clarified the evaluation requirements, and selected elite forces to set up the investigation and evaluation team.Under the leadership of wang Yang, the team members broke through the routine investigation, focused on eliminating blind spots, went deep to the gullies and hilltops, investigated the risks of collapse and landslide, and built a solid foundation for flood control safety.Soft soil and dense brambles made climbing difficult, and by the time the expedition team reached the site, they were panting from exhaustion.Because of the limited time and heavy workload, they took a break and immediately entered the theme of today’s work – “knock mountain”.Once the protective gear is put on, the hammer and iron bar come into play.After a detailed investigation, they find out all the stones that have the risk of falling, and need to use a hammer and iron drill and break to pry open, prevent stones from falling too large to affect the safety of driving on the line.Some of the dangerous rocks are located on steep cliffs, making them difficult to deal with due to the limited working conditions, but this did not trouble the bridge and tunnel team.Full of “rock climbing” skills, they fixed their safety belts. They climbed up and down on their hands and feet, conquered one cliff after another, and broke one safety hazard after another. When the last dangerous rock was processed and all safety implications were eliminated, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.(Source: China Economic Network)