13 to 1!Harden fled New York for a ring

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After 393 days in Brooklyn, James Harden arrives in Philadelphia.In order to escape From New York, Harden plotted a number of things, including daily contacts with the sixers’ front office through an underground intelligence network, and then, at the most critical trade deadline, extraditing himself to Philadelphia with a “hamstring injury.”Yes, the two-hour trip from New York to Philadelphia wasn’t an open game, but it was very Much In Harden’s style: scheming, calculating, and adept at bending the rules.The deal, similar harden “foul” outside the stadium, the profit is considerable, harden himself fled the war-torn nets, 76 people came to the environment is more superior, and 76 people pay a chip, is only a simmons, perennial doesn’t hit the ball didn’t defend Seth garage, mindless drummond, future and two draft picks,Just a few unimportant people.Now, as Harden begins his second season in Philadelphia, He clearly believes he has a better shot at a championship with the sixers than with the Nets.Many facts also support an elder brother, for example, general manager of the 76 people despite playing a Mosaic is a dog, but he is the world’s most understand harden the dog, he need know harden is attack space, and eat the bread of the paint, and these configurations have already to arrange everything for harden, in 76, harden at least don’t have to worry about the general manager will be in the offseason operation fierce like a tiger,The regular season suddenly becomes a cosy operation.In addition, although 76 people in the old coach, dedication is god is coming back against large, often suspended in addition to use dry dumb voice shout out a few words of chicken soup, also could not pull something else, but compared to stand on the sidelines for chicken, such as wood, pause will only “all right, don’t worry, I think” three even Nash, a key in the old chicken soup as the dew in the morning, drink up with heart letting a person,Not to mention the fact that he is at least a history of the top 15 coaches, at least a set of thoroughly honed tactical system.More important, maybe 76 people the squad now, not three giant nets competitive victory but they can play in every player, they are not in a fairy will only appear in the away game, no one will burn dog’s tail grass in the locker room, no one will be more to the world of love and peace and not vaccinated.The Sixers may not have as high a ceiling as the Nets, but at least they play at their best against the league’s best in every game.It’s hard to talk about the Sixers without embiid.In fact, about the teacher in the whole world is watching and elder brother two letters inside beast from Europe, from Africa than Germany is quietly evolved, for two consecutive seasons, the imperial city in the paint with 28 points, 10 rebounds data of terror, unstable once the perimeter of the projection, grace than Germany has the stable shooting over 35%, and each can guarantee into one.Embi is already one of the NBA’s top stars in terms of individual ability, but his problem is that as a post player, he needs a good guard to pass the ball to him in the post position, otherwise Embi has a lot of muscle but can’t use it.In addition, as the 76ers develop the offensive core only by himself, every time he receives the ball in the interior, he always has to face a lot of encircle and suppression, and he loses his energy when fighting. More importantly, He is not good at dealing with encircle and suppression, and he always makes mistakes when shooting the ball under the double attack.The emperor had a lot on his plate and needed a good prime minister to help him share the pressure.The prime minister simmons, his shooting ability was so mediocre that he couldn’t help the emperor complete the burden, and he was unhappy and stopped playing basketball.For now, Harden is a much more competent replacement for Simmons as prime minister than his predecessor.Harden is a good passer who can feed Embi even when he’s sitting around the basket, and as a perimeter ball handler, he can reduce embi’s offensive cost in melee, and he can use his offensive threat and passing ability to help embi break down defenses.As for many fans’ fears of a clash between the prime minister and the threat, that is another story.In theory, such fears are not entirely out of the question.In fact, because the emperor had never met a good defender, he played ball attack are organizations, and he, also therefore compared to participate in the pick-and-roll, complete down to eat bread, under the great prefer high ball attack, and it is well known that when running without the ball, he is like a headless fly, in the absence of the ball at a loss, this is the place where two people prone to conflict.But the good news is that Embi is a star who can drop everything to win. Once he was able to give up the post for Simmons and open up beyond the 3-point line, now it’s not so easy.As long as you can participate in the team practice, as long as you can play, harden and Emperor’s style conflict, everything can be slowly solved in the run-in, not to mention Coach Li, also not a little tactical dry head coach.One of the first things Harden did when he arrived in Philadelphia was change his lifelong jersey number from 13 to 1.Putting the past behind him, breathing the free air of Philly, Harden started over for that ring, and this one might be his last chance at success in his career.