Life Memories: My childhood 6- Poor but good memories (updated)

2022-05-11 0 By

I was very poor when I was a child, but all I have left are good memories.His parents were teachers, but they also worked as farmers, such as growing vegetables in a mountainous area.I only remember two of them.One is the lettuce, which is cut whole when it reaches a certain height.My mother often says that it is chicken leg and should be left for me to eat.I often go to the surrounding countryside to see farmers working and other people’s dishes. My favorite dishes are tomatoes, potatoes and white radishes.When digging potatoes, will also help to dig, and then dig to the small, the farmer will let me take home, that small potato is the most delicious.White radishes, on the other hand, can be dug up in the field and eaten raw.There are many kinds of wild fruit on the mountain in the countryside, but twist is the most abundant in our hometown.When I was young, I ran all over the mountain and remembered the position of many twists.Twist is now cultivated and wine is made.There are hawthorn, black orchid, grapefruit, sugar cane, acid crisp, sanhua Plum, litchi, yellow skin, etc.And a lot of people don’t remember.I remember there is a village, there is a laurel tree, that tree branches leaves fruit can eat, when I was very like to go to the village to play.All day long I waited under the laurel tree, and some of its branches became short and fell.And then a bunch of kids went after it.There are some unknown wild fruit by the river, very good-looking.Sweet is delicious.There is a kind of fruit that I have never eaten since I grew up. It is called Menggou in the countryside, and its scientific name seems to be longevity fruit.A string of curved.It is a fruit that needs to be picked and kept for a while before being eaten, just like bananas.It seems to be the kind of fruit that can only be trusted.I think I haven’t had one in over 40 years.In the third grade, children began to doze off in class.Then the teacher taught us to pick some pepper, with a used ink bottle, chopped up the pepper, put some sugar, and then bubble a few days later, used to eat a little when there is no spirit in class.It’s very striking.