Wuxia drama force value amazing six white haired witch, who do you know?

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Ten steps kill a man.Ancient costume wuxia drama, rivers and lakes are always hidden many peerless masters.Among them, there are six women who not only have a special image, white hair and high martial arts skills, they can be called heroes in a generation of women.Today xiaobian take you to see what are there?01 Zhu Yuyan she is ⟪ Datang Shuanglong biography ⟫ in the top master, known as the “Yin queen”.Magic gate eight masters ranked first, is also Yin decai head.Cultivate one of the four great books of martial arts ⟪ The most essence of the magic of heaven in ⟫, to youth forever.When young had been cheated by stone xuan, and can not practice into the “God devil dafa” 18 heavy realm.02 lian Nishan ⟪ white-haired witch spread ⟫ in the master, they are a greenwood woman, martial arts high strong, brave and resourceful, in the river’s lake on the person “jade Luo Brakes”.After falling in love with Zhuo Yihang, was opposed by wudang master, zhuo Yihang stabbed one night hoary.03 Stone avalokitesvara ⟪ Chu Liuxiang legend ⟫ in her not only extremely high martial arts, intelligent calm, but also cruel and cruel, psychological distortion, but also learned “days wu nerve” kung fu, even Chu Liuxiang also think that if the essence of the move, under the world, I am afraid that no one can win the stone Avalokitesvara.Finally with Chu Liuxiang about the war was reflected white head.04 Jiangnan month ⟪ Xiao Li feidao ⟫ in the mysterious master, the speaker said “white hair three thousand zhang”.Live more than a hundred years old, the face is like a girl, martial arts both inside and outside repair, good and evil, as long as a hair hair like ten thousand arrows, hair hit.Show martial arts for the first time on the second to kill a person on all corners of the country terrified of light sword skill absolutely high “ghost shadow”.05 Zhou Ting ⟪ tianya Mingyue knife ⟫ in one of the four emissaries of the “red messenger”, is the killing tool of Childe Yu.Due to congenital advantages into a superior red flower flame hand.Fly in with Yan Nan one war, use big recruit burn a flower to start a prairie fire and be bitten back, true yuan disperses and instant old white hair.06 Ying Gu ⟪ shencondor Heroes ⟫ master, formerly known as Liu Ying, Princess of Dali.Early years and Zhou Botong have a son, after qiu Qian Ren wounded, because the son of the death of ying gu a night.She was vicious and vicious, ravening her revenge.After escaping, she studied hard and learned martial arts such as loach skill, Seven absolute needles and Hanyin arrow.