“Educated youth past” the year of northern Shaanxi

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It has been 15 years since I returned to Beijing from northern Shaanxi. As soon as I arrived at the Spring Festival, MY heart was inexplicable and I always felt that I could not put a lot of things down.Do not know is the person old, or the heart of too much, do not know, this is not the senile dementia that people often say the forerunner.Some people say that;When I am over 60 years old, I can remember the events of 30 years ago, but I can’t remember the things in front of me, which should be the manifestation of brain degeneration. I am such a person, I don’t have much memory of Beijing, but I have lived in Northern Shaanxi for 30 years, so clear, all the fragments are frozen in that moment.I don’t know whether the memory of my second hometown is too deep, or whether I am in Beijing and my heart stays there.In short, northern Shaanxi years, let me often think of, think of my youth, and what happened once.December 24, 1968, is the day when I went to the northern shaanxi cut in line, is also a lunar calendar lunar, near the Spring Festival, is also the first time in northern shaanxi holidays, come all the way to the train overworked, car bumps, outside the window the loess plateau, all the way along the road landscape is two words “soil” in the mood is also intertwined, do not know the future will be how to live, feel uncertain, overwhelmed.Here only to find that the novel environment, a new life, my captain (also the landlord) and his family, to our family care, life, labor, are meticulous consideration, this may be my life the most unforgettable affection.Chinese New Year, the village is busy, although are a piece of loess, far from the high mountain to create caves, doors, Windows, although not big, but very primitive.The biggest characteristic of cave dwellings is that they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Every day, firewood is used for cooking and fire is used for flue. In northern Shaanxi, all the fire beds are hot.Every day I stand next to the cliff, a glance, every kiln top is slowly filled with smoke, especially, who do delicious dishes will be with he smoke emitted together.New Year’s day, but also a kind of heaven and earth, as long as you stand on the edge of the cliff, you will vaguely see, every window is red window, narrow small door with red couplets, there are looking forward to the blessing of peace, for children’s academic blessing.Rural people is very simple, maybe some old man, a lifetime also not out of the mountains, however, they are right annual attaches great importance to and from the moment he entered the twelfth month began to work again, the grinding of steamed buns, grinding beans do tofu, kill pig, and sheep, and the favour of joy, every person is beaming, a year of hard, perhaps at this moment, all get out,This is something I have never seen or experienced in Beijing.Any description of the New Year scene in the book, I think it is not as real as the feeling of the scene.If catch up with which marry girl, marry daughter-in-law, it is more festive and lively, the whole village xielao hold young land and land to host family to contribute, although, the gift money is not much, at that time also 2 yuan, 5 yuan, up to 10 yuan this is the heart of the relatives.If;Money can express wishes, it is better to stay with parents.You see, rows of big tables, big POTS and bowls of meat and vegetables, and, the courtyard of the big iron pot, pressure tools, all this is their own hands do, there are old stonemasons and carpenters in the village, because the New Year, everyone get together, each show their own skills.Rural areas seem to be very backward, but people’s hearts are very close, the feelings are really cherish each other, unlike the city, full of people, bustling people, pass each other, but the real how many people are true feelings.In the days when I was away from home, there was no loneliness and helplessness. It was the family affection of the old folks that gave me the unforgettable warmth.In addition to the Chinese New Year, the villagers in the village also treat us as children and affectionately call us “Beijing children”.Who cooked a good meal, good dishes, will think of us, give us the informed point to send, regardless of wind and rain, if separated by a few cliffs, just stand on the ridge Shouting a few voice, the voice is long and clear ~ ao ~ on this few voice, ten miles from all sides can be heard.As far as I know, the folk ditty in northern Shaanxi is formed from this romantic cry. Although some words are made up quite sour, this kind of expression is also very sincere.Rural life was hard, but everyone was so happy!On New Year’s Eve, all the lights are bright, old life has to pay attention to, can not visit each other, in case of unclean things, do not interact with each other, only limit the New Year’s eve.Until now, I remember, if you’re standing on high look around the whole village, lights flickering, like fireflies scattered in all corners of the villages, caves, path constituted a pair of ink painting, said tome how beautiful, no longer close to have returned to Beijing, although light a lot, but feel that the essence of agrestic breath!Children is the third day, the day of relatives, the same day as the relatives around each other, carry bags, pull the cart, pick burden, are generally more old man, young man was riding a bicycle lane, lane is full of laughter, large live cattle, and the sound of the men and women play each other ups and downs, added the festive atmosphere of the New Year.With the slip of the year, with the tear of the calendar, the day passed by, no matter yesterday, the day before yesterday, are passing clouds, no who owe who time, only now.Whenever approaching the root of the New Year, I can’t help but think of the cave dwellings in northern Shaanxi, where the old folks, the little lights, like the wisps of smoke.I came to Northern Shaanxi in the winter of 1968. My original dream was to fly freely like a bird, far away from the constraints of the classroom and from the control of my parents. Now I recall the mood of leaving home at that time, and I regret it for a lifetime.Rural space is very large, here you can see all the mountains and rivers are yellow color, endless hillside, rows of earth caves, even the sky is the smell of sand blowing.The fresh feeling was soon replaced by heavy physical work, plus we were all a group of long body, eating roughage (corn), which is even limited.We educated youth are uniformly distributed by the state, the monthly ration of 30 catties, half of corn and half of wheat, by the villagers grind flour for us, in fact, to our hands is less than 30 catties, independent initial life: still can not give us a completely dependent on their own.The feeling of leaving home depends on us to help the children take care of themselves, and only we know the collective family, mutual understanding, take care of each other, this kind of warmth is also many years later, only when the educated youth can feel.In northern Shaanxi: day after day life, always count the days, looking forward to the day to go home to visit relatives.At that time, I remember that the commune stipulated that educated youth should reimburse their traveling expenses every four years when they return to Beijing to visit their parents.Although the train ticket at that time was only 26 yuan (Xi ‘an ~ Beijing station), this expense for us, they are powerless and poor, because we are earning points, a day of full attendance, is only 6 points, equivalent to less than 10 cents, although not to earn money, but also do not have to spend money, eat the dishes are their own kind.Although rural life is very poor, rural labor, also very hard, but also for their own old health, lay a good foundation.Until now I this 70 – year – old man, no high symptoms, blood pressure, diabetes and I also miss, older I look at the hospital, the bustling come and go, whether a patient, or medical staff, is in a hurry, at this moment I am also very regrets, god for each person is not thin, will always give you a gift, experience is more tribulations,But good health can also be a blessing.Days like water, unchanging, finally can go home to visit relatives, the way home is also very twists and turns.Northern Shaanxi traffic is very inconvenient, walk from the village to the county seat (60 kilometers) to have a passenger bus every day, because the departure time is in the morning, so, can only the night before in the county seat accommodation, just have a female educated youth, a good relationship, can take refuge in a night.The journey home was difficult. No matter how far the journey was, it was nothing as long as I thought of getting closer and closer to Beijing, returning to my warm home and seeing my elderly parents.Four years of home leave is too difficult, I wish I could go back home every year, we live in northern Shaanxi really hard, no financial source.At that time, only when I corresponded with my parents, my family would put 10 yuan in a cowhide envelope.This status quo has been maintained for more than a year, but we could only save some flowers at that time. Fortunately, we girls are more united, and the family conditions are better, such as mailing packages, remittance, we will share with everyone. When cutting the queue, the friendship can really be described with life and death together.Remember that year, for some reason?Out of nowhere, I just wanted to go home, and a team of girls agreed to leave.We had two dollars each. What did we do?At that time also did not consider the consequences, so started, along the way to see the truck, and the driver said good words, fortunately, the driver see is educated youth, it did not trouble us.To xi ‘an railway station, the two of us have no money to buy a ticket, around a circle, away from the platform, mixed in the crowd on the car, remember on the train encountered inspection tickets to, we drill into the toilet, escape inspection of the conductor.In fact, in the carriage of educated youth at that time, this kind of helpless move, may be every carriage will have, in fact, the conductor will turn a blind eye to let go of us.Good luck or setbacks along the way, so stumbling back to Beijing, back to my parents, I think every educated youth will have this experience of ticket evasion, will always remember the dribs and drabs of Northern Shaanxi.Author: Wang Chunying, Beijing old educated youth, Shanbei jump the queue.In 1968, yichuan Attic, Yan ‘an, Shaanxi, joined the queue; in 1972, hired yichuan County Hospital.He retired in December 1998.Source: Love of educated youth