Carefully organized, stick to the post, zhoushan city during the Spring Festival fire safety situation stable

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The lunar New Year holiday is over there a group of people — fire rescue personnel work during the holiday In a line to let more people to be able to spend with their families in a safe and peaceful holiday during the Spring Festival in 2022, the city’s response 32, including 22, fire alarm out vehicles 67 vehicle-timeses, police people 384 times.During the festival the fire safety situation steadily without every on-the-job careful deployment of fire rescue personnel efforts Full screen on January 29, bureaus, contingent video scheduling meeting, after the team quickly at the Spring Festival will deploy the winter Olympics and team management, combat readiness, duty of fire prevention and control, team management, epidemic prevention and control, etc. The key work has carried on the elaboration, deployment.During the festival, zhoushan fire careful deployment, strengthen leadership, comprehensive supervision and inspection, strict screening fire hazard and fire fighting illegal behavior, safeguard the city’s fire safety situation is stable, 1173 home, check the rectification fire hazards of more than 1700, effectively purify the area of fire safety environment and ensure the fire safety during the festival.Strictly for Strengthen patrol detachment strictly carries out the duty during the Spring Festival for the job requirement, comprehensively strengthen duty for fire fighting and rescue work, at all levels of fire fighting vehicles and equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, familiar with the key unit to carry out the field drill ahead of time, team and improve the ability of rapid reaction, scientific treatment, to ensure that all safety measures during the Spring Festival the ground work.To strengthen the education Advertise, the city’s make full use of television, radio, newspapers, network and other mainstream media, the high frequency of public service ads broadcast fire protection and fire safety tips, relying on zhoushan fire WeChat, microblogging platform, updated with the latest fire safety information, and guide the masses to enhance safety and self-protection consciousness, strengthen the consciousness of citizen participation hazard supervision and screening;On February 3, the detachment joined zhoushan Evening News live broadcast room in Mount Putuo to carry out the theme of “sea and Sky Buddhist ‘blue’ guardian” network live activities, calling for civilized Buddha, pay attention to fire safety.