Women’s football championship men’s football suffered, criticized men’s football which strong, commentary to find Huang Jianxiang

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China has won the Asian Women’s Cup for the ninth time in 16 years after beating South Korea 3-2 in the final.Chinese women’s soccer team for the game two after three, under the condition of two goals in the first half, the second half in the coach ShuiQingXia on-the-spot adjustment, catching up, even three goals in 30 minutes, turn South Korea, a gut-wrenching, playing football is revealed to let the fans really thrilling happiness of between the ups and downs.On the spot commentary Huang Jianxiang reconciliation said guests Xu Yang could not control the excited mood, both tears, emotional choked, and the TV fans before the common tears of happiness.The Asian cup, the Chinese women’s team swept away games, will the Chinese women’s team should have at present, the vigor of play the incisively and vividly, especially three knockout, faced with different levels of rival, from facing the Vietnam team in the quarter-final, to face Japan’s semi-final, and then to the final of the South Korea basically every field is in the first settled in the passive state,However, the women’s soccer team did not show the same bad attitude as in the Olympics, but with an unbeatable will, they won the championship three times and secured the World Cup berth.As the explanation of the game, the famous football commentator huang jianxiang stoppage time at the end outbursts, and administering the Chinese women’s football was a between the wind and cloud vagaries, first attack South Korea, making the Chinese team in front of the danger, but the women’s girls unity is strength, the goalkeeper Zhu Yu single palm saviour, defender xiao-xue wang give plugging loopholes, dissolve the danger.Followed by the Chinese women’s team counter-attacking, Zhang Linyan and former vian box type, pass from vian send an arrow through the heart, XiaoYuYi got the message, catch one feet thank heaven and earth, between the offensive and defensive Qiang OARS ashes, not only will the magic of football in our hesitation, and help the team get a victory, the splendid attack and defense conversion also let seat of huang heart completely released,Will be a cavity of Chinese men’s football complaints spurted out.It can be said that the men’s soccer team won the championship suffered, in this process, he will men’s soccer team some players on the field of poor performance criticism of the whole body, the difference directly named.He calls between the administering a blowout, precisely reflects the current Chinese football and the biggest difference between Chinese women’s football, see Zhu Yu face to the ball to calm and resolute, see the fearless xiao-xue wang major block, on the face of Vietnam team look at football cowardice, who is in Vietnam team ball when little puss-head, to protect their sleek hairstyle?Who chose to jump and dodge in front of the half and give the ball away?And look at the Chinese women’s football team to grasp the last fighter, wonderful cooperation, a fatal blow.Has this ever happened in men’s football?Under the super high ball control rate, who can create scoring chances?A costly stadium which is not to pass a steady ball first, each is holding a wise attitude, holding I do not mistake will not be scolded mentality in the game?The loss of Chinese men’s football team brings shame to Chinese football not because of inferior skills, but because of mental decadence and lack of ambition and responsibility.There has been a talk lately about not using women’s football to demean men’s football, or turning it into a weapon to attack men’s football, or even saying that women’s football and men’s football are two different sports and there is no comparison.In fact this is a kind of typical persecution paranoia, from the media to the fans is the most don’t want to confuse men’s and women’s foot from the technology and tactics, the Chinese men’s soccer the mud helps not on the wall and the Chinese women’s Asian cup title, also won’t have relations, the Chinese women’s team even if the title is not in the real return of the king, again on the world’s top ranks, that the fans are MenQing,But the charm of football is not to sit around all day long because we are weak, but to always lie flat and lose.Men and women can be technically and tactically treated differently, but from the field of struggle and effort for this is no difference in the requirements.When you do something wrong, you need to accept criticism instead of crying, screaming and hanging yourself.Fans want to see is the courage, the world is the spirit of dare to strong-arm reaction, with the women’s three elimination games, for example, in front of the Vietnam women’s strength is a bit poor, we must have the crush your opponent’s momentum, in the face of power is stronger than our Japan, already we have to try to revive epigenetic beliefs, but in front of the south Korean women’s power is almost, we should have more confidence and winBackward situation will not give up.That’s the soul of a team, not losing your mind to any opponent and positioning yourself as a permanent loser.Ask these three games if the current Chinese men’s football team to play what will be the result?The result is that you get too excited and lose the game against Vietnam, you lose the game against Japan because you don’t play well, and you lose the game against South Korea because you miss chances.It’s not really a comparison or a hurt, it’s just a fact, because the first day of the New Year’s game is there!