Guarding the haituo mountain forest during the day, watching the opening ceremony at night: our dream of the Winter Olympics has finally come round

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The Beijing Winter Olympics opened at 8 PM on February 4.At the foot of Haituo Mountain, where yanqing is located, villagers from Xidazhuangke came from different directions to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games live.At 8 PM, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games begins with the countdown of the 24 solar terms.From the budding grass to the seeds of dandelions, the villagers’ eyes follow the beautiful scenes.When the national anthem filled the Bird’s Nest, the villagers stood up and sang it.The five-star red flag flying over the moment, watching the scene burst out warm applause.”Finally, the opening ceremony was beautiful!””China is amazing!Beijing is great!””Our winter Olympics dream finally come round!”There was laughter and excitement, some with tears in their eyes.Located in Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District, West Dazhuang Ke Village is not big, with 53 households and more than 110 people. It is the closest village to Yanqing Area of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and is backed by Haituo Mountain.Back in 2013, villagers from Xidazhuangke village formed a guide team to help experts navigate the Haituo Mountain.After nine years of hard work, the villagers of Xidazhuangke have witnessed, witnessed and contributed to the Winter Olympics.In 2019, in order to make room for the construction of the competition area, the villagers left the mountain village where they had lived for generations. For several years, they either went to relatives and friends, or rented houses to live, and moved around outside, waiting to move into new homes.However, they are still thinking about the home of this piece of forest, so 46 party members and villagers form the Winter Olympics forest team, every day from a few kilometers, more than ten kilometers from the residence to protect the mountains and keep the forest.9628 acres of woods, 46 people 3 shifts, 24 hours on duty, each person is responsible for sticking to their responsibility area, cold heat, never stop, is the winter Olympics opening day is still sticking to.In the evening, the rangers finished their shift and the night shift members took their duties. Zhuo Yonggang, Chang Guangchun and other day team members hurried down the mountain to the temporary village committee to watch the opening ceremony with the villagers.”The stage floor is full of science and technology, showing the strength of our country’s science and technology.””Ice Cube, five rings, big snowflakes, all too beautiful!”The opening ceremony is more and more exciting, the villagers more and more excited.Riding the “wind wind” of the Winter Olympics, this once lonely mountain village has attracted the attention of the whole world.Villagers will soon move into new houses, yanqing Competition area will also be built into an international ski resort, for everyone to bring real development “welfare”.”In the future, our village will develop high-end b&B tourism with the help of the national ski resort to achieve rural revitalization.Let’s go to the future together!”Xi Dazhuang branch village party secretary and village committee director Xu Jianxi said.(the original title: protect sea tuo mountain during the day, night watching the opening ceremony: let’s games are dream finally round) source: Beijing daily client | journalists About the process editor: u010