Can only be unified by “satisfied”?Qiu Yi bitterly criticized Zhang Nianchi: soldiers pressed into the border was completely convinced

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Zhang Nianchi, former director of the Institute of East Asian Studies in Shanghai, recently published a special article in China Review entitled “China’s Historical Mission and the Taiwan Question”. His views on reunification have attracted wide attention and sparked a series of discussions on both sides of the Strait.Recently, professor Chiu Yi, a well-known political commentator in Taiwan, also criticized Zhang nian-chi’s “wisdom theory” through his we-media account, Chiu Yi Said.As the speech is quite long, I will divide it into several parts to comment on qiu Yi’s main points.Qiu Yi focuses on zhang Nianchi’s three preconditions for the unification of his comments.Qiu yi said that zhang Nianchi, a leading Taiwan-related scholar on the mainland, recently wrote an article that has attracted a lot of attention. The article has two important points: one is that a unified national law should be enacted.On the other hand, he believed that the national unification law should contain three preconditions for the unification of the mainland.I am in favor of the enactment of the Uniform Law.Because the Anti-Secession Law is negative anti-independence.It is necessary to have a law of National Unification to actively promote unification.Qiu Yi had great opinions on the three unified preconditions proposed by Zhang Nian-chi.Qiu yi first introduced zhang nianchi’s background.Zhang Nianchi’s grandfather is Zhang Taiyan.Zhang Nianchi was wang Daohan’s secretary in the past, so to speak, he was the leader of the peaceful reunification group in the mainland, and also the main representative of the “intellectual unification theory” among mainland scholars.What are the three prerequisites for the unification mentioned by Zhang Nianchi?First, he believed that reunification should contribute to the social progress of the mainland, the prosperity and strength of the country and the rejuvenation of the nation.The second precondition, he thought, was to make unification acceptable to the one being unified.Third, he believed that reunification should be supported and affirmed by the international community, rather than cause international anxiety and anxiety.Qiu yi agreed to the first of the three preconditions.Qiu Yi had strong opinions on the other two conditions.Zhang Nianchi said that the premise of unification is to let the unified party be convinced.The so-called reunified party is actually two subjects, one is the ruling government of Taiwan and the other is the people of Taiwan.Chiu Yi believes that Taiwan’s ruling government is now the DPP’s government, tsai Ing-wen’s government.Is it possible that the DPP, whose government has made Independence its main card, will accept reunification wholeheartedly?Is it possible to accept unification without pressure?Of course not.Once he accepted unification, his divine card was broken and his electoral votes were gone. How could he sustain himself?Will the people of Taiwan accept reunification wholeheartedly?Chiu Yi introduced that the Taiwanese people from Lee Teng-hui’s local education, to Chen Shui-bian’s Taiwan independence education, all the way down to Tsai Ing-wen, is a better de-Sinicized education.In fact, most young people under the age of 40 in Taiwan do not consider themselves Chinese, nor do they consider Taiwan a part of China.How could they possibly support unification wholeheartedly?’If you look at what’s happening now, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is running all the way towards independence, and even the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) is gradually moving towards independence,’ Mr. Qiu said.Isn’t the KMT going to change the name of the KMT, de-sinicize it, and turn it into the Democratic Party?Should we abandon the 1992 Consensus?Aren’t all these moves moving in the direction of Taiwan independence or Taiwan independence?Some accuse the KMT of being an affiliate of the DPP.Qiu Yi finally came to the conclusion that peaceful reunification was impossible without military pressure.Only with external pressure will the people of Taiwan or the governing authorities in Taiwan change.Author’s comment: Zhang Nianchi’s theory of “being completely convinced” is exactly the same as Taiwan’s Zhang Yazhong’s theory of “soul fit”.Zhang Nianchi is the representative of the theory of intellectual unification in mainland China.Whether they agree with each other wholeheartedly or with each other in heart, they all hope that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits will “think and work together in the same way” to achieve reunification. The mainland wants reunification and Taiwan wants reunification.At present, the two sides can not think of a joint how to do?According to Zhang Nianchi, it is necessary to do the work, let the other side change their minds, until the mainland thought of a piece, then reached the conditions for reunification, reunification of nature.I can’t help but say what a beautiful and moving scene it is.I suddenly thought of several sayings, one is “the scholar mislead the country”, one is “the scholar revolt ten years failed”, one is “empty talk mislead the country, the solid work rejuvenate the country” and so on.In The history of China, some scholars succeeded in insurrection, some scholars succeeded in rejuvenating the country, and some scholars did not harm the country with empty talk, but may not be able to rejuvenate the country with solid work.The most typical example is MAO Zedong, who was also a literati and a traditional literati who had read the “Four Books” and “Five Classics”.But why did he “rebel” successfully?In fact, literati have two kinds, one is indulge in fantasy literati, one is pragmatic literati.The former tend to be divorced from reality, closed doors, ideals instead of reality.The latter is down-to-earth, down-to-earth and advancing with The Times.MAO Zedong was one of the latter. He combined the universal principles of Marxism with the reality of the Chinese revolution and created a Marxist theory with Chinese characteristics, thus succeeding.The success of China’s reform and opening up also follows this idea. By combining the market economy theory with China’s practice, socialism with Chinese characteristics emerged and the socialist market economy model was created, thus succeeding.Similarly, to solve the Taiwan question and realize the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, we cannot depart from this approach.We need men of letters, who can give thoughts, theories and viewpoints to guide specific work. Their role is irreplaceable.However, we should not make empty talk or be divorced from reality.Zhang Nianchi’s so-called “wholeheartedly” said that it was seriously divorced from cross-strait reality.Qiu yi’s criticism points to the crux of the problem.The reality of the current cross-Straits issue is that, just as Qiu Yi said, peaceful reunification is impossible without external pressure.If we wait until Taiwan accepts reunification wholeheartedly, we will never be able to reunify.The so-called external pressure is the political, economic and military pressure to promote reunification.Colloquially, children do not obey, should be hit also have to hit, the slap slap still have to fan.When the SOLDIERS of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army approached the city, they were convinced.Sometimes, toasting doesn’t work well, so you have to forfeit it.