Bach praised Beijing and said everything was ready

2022-05-09 0 By

“Beijing will shine as the world’s first Olympic City.We will make history with China on The night of April 4.International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach spoke highly of the preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Wednesday.As head of the International Olympic Committee, Bach thanked his hosts on behalf of the Olympic family.”I want to thank the BoCOG and the Chinese people for their unwavering support over the past seven years.He said people from all walks of life can feel their enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics through various channels, and the rich cultural activities not only show the Olympic spirit, but also demonstrate the hospitality of the Chinese people.Bach described the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics as “all ready”.In his view, orderly and effective closed-loop management has provided a safe environment for participants of the Winter Olympics, despite the ongoing global epidemic.In the long and complicated preparatory process, Bach paid special attention to the goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” in China.”In preparation for the Winter Olympics, 346 million Chinese people took part in ice sports.This is the most important preparatory achievement.”He believes that with the achievement of the vision of “300 million people participating in ice and snow sports”, China has become a big country in ice and snow sports, “which will greatly change the development and industry pattern of the global ice and snow sports and lead the global ice and snow sports into a new era.”(This newspaper special telegram on February 3, Beijing) author: Gu Miao Editor: Wang Bumi * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.