Zhi Xianwei led a team to visit the staff of changping District Urban management command Center

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 4, Deputy secretary of the District Committee and District Head Zhi Xianwei led a team to the command center of City management in Changping District to visit the frontline staff and send them New Year’s greetings.In the city management command center, Zhi Xianwei asked about the situation of immediate handling and return visit of our district during the Spring Festival, and extended holiday greetings to the staff on duty in the hotline group, return visit group and their families.The 12345 civil service hotline is a powerful tool to serve the public and govern the city. During the Spring Festival, the hotline should respond faster, solve appeals better, and satisfy the public with higher satisfaction. Every citizen’s request should be solved with down-to-earth patience and carefulness, He said.District leader Wang Hongmin attended.Article/Wang Hongtu/Xu Kang