Sour and spicy: Zhengzhou’s noodles are pulled in by train

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At the beginning of the last century, the opening of the train makes Zhengzhou businessmen gathered, 100 industry prosperity, but also make zhengzhou suburban agriculture and sideline industry has a new opportunity, do vermicron has become a new way for suburban farmers to get rich, its by-product – starch, also became the best “partner” citizens do noodles.Thus formed the popular old Zhengzhou flavor snack – unique peasant style starch noodles.At that time, the farmers who sold the flour were mostly women. They carried two buckets full of flour on a shoulder pole, in which they put a bucket of water as a measuring tool for selling the flour.In the 1950s and 1960s it was five cents a scoop.When buying flour pulp, want to ask the seller to eat again after a few days first, the seller can tell you to put two days or it is three days, because just hit flour pulp should have a natural fermentation process, otherwise without acerbity, not delicious.Making flour noodles is different from ordinary soup noodles. It is absolutely necessary to have skills. It will not be done or lost, and it will be astringent and peculiar smell, which is hard to swallow.First of all, we should strictly follow the natural fermentation time as instructed by the pulp seller. We should not shorten or extend it at will. If it is short, it will be tasteless and if it is long, it will become sour.Secondly, do fried pepper, pepper to master the heat, not raw not paste, raw is not fragrant, paste is bitter;Saute vegetables in the remaining oil.After frying vegetables into the slurry, closely observe the changes in the slurry, before the pot (this time must grasp, otherwise, the slurry a pot on the “pulp”, thick is thick, thin is thin.If cause “paste”, can beat the half bowl of thin noodle soup remedy, but finished in poor taste) under the noodles into, again ordinal put crushed pepper pepper, cooking good beans, blanch celery in advance, don’t stop using the spoon stir, to prevent the noodles take pot, froth disappear completely, so as to fully mix batter, noodles, add salt, MSG, sesame oil can.The finished flour noodle soup is pink and white, chili is golden and red, celery is green, beans are dotted like stars, vegetables and noodles are entangled in the soup.Smell, aroma;Taste, hemp, spicy, slippery through the seemingly no acid;Drink into the belly, really call a comfort!With starch as the base material, this is zhengzhou flour noodles are different from other places of starch noodles, but also make Zhengzhou flour noodles have a unique flavor.Editor: Zhi Sen