Russian troops into Ukraine in three separate ways?Military expert: A quick victory is in Russia’s best interest

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South of Odessa: Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a television address on the morning of The 24th local time that he decided to launch a special military operation in the Donbas region.CNN immediately reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea of Odessa landing operations have begun.Since then, Ukrainian officials have denied that Russian troops have landed in Odessa, but local residents have admitted hearing shelling nearby.According to reports, Odessa is located in the south of Ukraine, it is not only the fourth largest city in Ukraine, one of the most important ports along the Black Sea, and it is connected to the lviv railway in the north, dniester river in the west, sea, waterway, land network is connected, is the radiation of the entire eastern European transport hub.After the Crimea incident in 2014, the Ukrainian navy was forced to move to Odessa as The port of Sevastopol was annexed to Russia. It also became the main sea route for Ukraine to receive MILITARY aid from NATO, and its military value to Ukraine increased sharply.With NATO’s help, Ukraine has accelerated its military buildup at Odessa Port.So the Russian military’s control of Odessa with a massive amphibious landing is of great strategic value.A loud explosion was heard in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, early Sunday morning, CNN said.Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city and the capital of Kharkiv prefecture. It is also one of the country’s centers of heavy industry, culture and education.An anonymous military experts, 24, told the global times reporter, single for military action, most good quick fix to the Russian, the Russian in kharkov and Odessa Ukraine military operations in both directions at the same time, the Ukrainian military fore and aft may not take into account, “the direction of the Russian army in Odessa action highly strategic significance,The move by the Russian army to attack from south to north, take control of the main points of the Dnieper river, and encircled the Ukrainian army east of the Dnieper River was very similar to the “Left Hook” operation launched by the 18TH Airborne Army from the western Desert of Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War.”The psychological shock to the Ukrainian military is enormous, and subsequent developments in this direction could directly affect the outcome of the conflict.”North: Several Russian military vehicles entered Ukraine from the border crossing with Belarus in Kiev on the morning of April 24.According to previous reports, the Russia-Belarus Joint military exercise “Alliance Resolution-2022” was originally scheduled to end on February 20, but due to the postponement of the exercise, the Russian troops participating in the exercise remained in Belarus.It is worth noting that Belarus is much closer to Kiev than Odessa and Kharkiv, where Russian forces are on the offensive.Ukraine’s armed forces chief Said four ballistic missiles were fired from Belarus and flew southwest into Ukraine.Later in the day, CNN reported that Russian airborne forces had taken control of Antonov Airport, just 25 miles from the center of Kiev.A Russian commander told CNN there was a gun battle with Ukrainian troops.The Ukrainian army said it was launching a counter-offensive to retake the airport.In terms of the military comparison between Russia and Ukraine, it is widely believed that the Russian military has a clear advantage both in quantity and quality.Russia’s Defense Ministry said Thursday it is using precision-guided weapons to destroy Ukrainian military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military airfields and aviation units.In terms of air defense capability, the Ukrainian army mainly possesses only a small number of early s-300 long-range air defense systems and seriously lacks modern warning radar.In 2017 and 2021, the Ukrainian army acquired the 79K6 radar and the improved 80K6KS1 radar, which can cooperate with the Ukrainian Buk-M1 air defense missile.But a video circulating on social media on Thursday showed what appeared to be the wreckage of a Russian-made KH-31P anti-radiation missile lying on the streets of Kiev.The missile is a high-speed anti-radiation missile designed specifically for anti-aircraft radar, indicating that Russian forces have targeted and destroyed Ukrainian air defense facilities.In terms of ground equipment, the Russian army has deployed at least t-72, T-80 and T-90 main battle tanks, Type 2S3 and Type 2S19 152mm self-propelled howitzers, Tornado long-range rocket launchers, MT-LB armored vehicles and multiple infantry fighting vehicles.Among them is the latest T-90M ProryV-3 main battle tank, which uses much of the technology of the new-generation T-14 main battle tank and is the most powerful model of the Russian army in service.In terms of long-range fire support, the Russian military has deployed iskander M tactical ballistic missiles, Iskander K cruise missiles and Tornado long-range rocket launchers.The Main equipment of the Ukrainian army is the same as that of the Russian army, including T-64, T-72 and T-80 series main battle tanks, 2S7 203mm self-propelled howitzer and 2S19 152mm self-propelled howitzer, a small number of Tornadoes long-range rocket launchers and SS-21 tactical ballistic missiles, but most of them have not been modernized.Therefore, its main performance is obviously inferior to that of similar Russian weapons.To fend off a flood of tanks from Russian ground forces, Ukraine has had to rely on simple and easily operable individual anti-tank missiles.Ukraine now has thousands of Soviet-made anti-tank missiles, but they are outdated and unreliable.Aware of this, the Ukrainian military has had to import large numbers of anti-tank missiles from the West in recent years, including the AMERICAN-made Javelin and the British-made NLAW.The Ukrainian army said it used javelin missiles to destroy 15 Russian tanks in Sumy Prefecture on Thursday.In terms of naval and air forces, the gap between Russia and Ukraine is even more obvious, especially the Ukrainian navy, which is basically symbolic.A Soviet su-27 fighter jet of the Ukrainian air Force landed at an air base in Romania on Thursday after intruding into the country’s airspace on suspicion of “fleeing”.Despite repeated warnings that Russia was about to launch a military attack on Ukraine, NATO was found to be unprepared for a conflict on Thursday. Even NATO itself did not believe that Russia was about to attack Ukraine.To carry out the massive amphibious landing near Odessa, the Russian navy mobilized nearly all of its elite, leading ships from the Northern, Baltic and Pacific fleets to the Black Sea and The Mediterranean after a journey of thousands of kilometers.At least six large and medium-sized landing ships entered the Black Sea to support the landing.Although social media and analysts were guessing whether “the Russian navy in preparing for the black sea landings”, but in Russian announced “the largest naval exercises” under the cover of the smoke screen, NATO to send only a few ships machine for these collection from around the world to the Mediterranean Russian warships to “monitor” and “alert”, but there was no further action.The United States “stars and stripes, 23, said a senior pentagon official said, despite Russia’s black sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Ukraine together more powerful naval forces,” with more than 10 landing ships in the black sea, “the Russian cruiser is the aircraft carrier in the United States” Truman “not far away, but he said,” Russia is, apparently, just watching “harry Truman,It’s not unusual, but nothing more, it’s typical intelligence monitoring of US Naval activity.”Paralysis in NATO, mentality, the Russian navy successfully realized the mass rally, not only in the black sea has the overwhelming advantage, can be implemented in almost without external disturbance amphibious landings, and the United States only a carrier in the Mediterranean (” Truman “), and also by Russian cruiser close.Something similar is happening on the ground.The surge of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border has been underway since early winter last year.Although NATO has been warning of “Russian attack on Ukraine,” it is not really prepared for a Russian attack.U.S. defense News reported on Wednesday that until recently pentagon officials were discussing what to do if Russian forces took control of Ukraine’s air power and cut off air access for Western military aid to Ukraine.It is clear that NATO did not realize that a large-scale Russian attack on Ukraine was “imminent” until the offensive was launched.It is analyzed that in an era of information society and increasing popularity of satellite surveillance, it is highly unlikely to completely hide military movements from adversaries.So strategic deception, in the modern sense, is not about hiding one’s actions from the adversary, but about using a series of other actions to make the adversary misjudge.During the gulf war, for example, the us-led multinational forces will soon launch the ground attack on Iraq, make full use of the outside world attention in the United States, sent a powerful amphibious force induced by the Iraqi army to strengthen the coast defense, the mechanized forces is to circumvent the Iraqi solid defense, with “left hook” surprise from the main suitability surround and annihilate the iraqis.Judging by the reaction of the United States and other NATO countries, the Timing of the Russian attack did surprise them.Source: Global Times