Dingshan Lake scenic spot?What other features does Dingshan Lake have?

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Dingshan Lake scenic area has jinshan Temple, songling crane longevity, ancient tombs, white crane Forest, Dingshan Pinghu and other scenic spots.Dingshan Lake scenic area has a famous lake Dingshan Lake, the lake wide, the breeze blowing more sparkling, do not have a poetic meaning.The air around the scenic spot is cool and cool, and it is a summer resort for family outing in summer.Moreover, there are various kinds of scenic spots inside the scenic spot, which bring more rich experience effect to tourists.Dingshan Lake scenic spot flat terrain, convenient home elderly or children are not convenient to climb high friends and family to travel together, enhance feelings, and the air quality is good, is very helpful to the elderly body.What other features does Dingshan Lake have?In addition to the picturesque scenery around Dingshan Lake, there are many local specialty snacks.Because of the quality of the water and the quality of the air, the fish is very delicious, soft and juicy.Vegetables such as dried bamboo shoots, ferns and other farmyard tables are also frequent.The locals also make wine, which is rich and mellow on the palate.In addition to food, local authorities will also hold special cultural festivals, which not only enrich residents’ spare time life, but also attract foreign tourists.The above is the introduction of Dingshan Lake scenic spot and its surrounding scenic spots, interested friends can do a good job planning to local leisure tourism.