Diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer at the age of 30, and still alive after 27 years of cancer, the doctor shares 2 snacks that everyone can learn

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Professor Liang Meng, director of the Department of Nephrology of Chenggong Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University, was a military doctor. He was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer at the age of 30. He has undergone 7 major operations and dozens of large doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.In 1981, at the age of 16, Liang Meng was admitted to the First Military Medical University of the People’s Liberation Army with excellent results.Five years of college military career, Liang meng not only learned a wealth of medical knowledge, but also a soldier’s iron will.In 1986, Liang graduated and was assigned to the Kidney Disease Center of fuzhou General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region.A few years later, he was transferred to the PLA 174th Hospital in Xiamen.At that time, Liang meng was less than 30 years old, young and promising.Just when he was ready to show his talents and continue to shine for the medical career of the motherland, the bad news came.One day in September 1995, Liang meng suddenly felt unwell and fainted to the ground.After being found, Liang was rushed to the operating room after a series of tests.When doctors opened the abdominal cavity, a cancerous lump the size of an egg startled onlookers.Eventually, Liang was diagnosed with advanced sigmoid colon cancer perforation and peritonitis.In order to treat the disease, Liang has undergone more than 10 operations, including the removal of more than 20 centimeters of his intestine and serious complications.Due to extreme malnutrition and not wanting to affect his work, Liang often inserted his nose and stretched his stomach tube in front of a mirror for enteral nutrition after work at night. During the day, he pulled out his stomach tube and went to work every day for half a year.His cervical spine is still supported by steel plates.Tortured Liang Meng thought about suicide, but he was not willing to fall down, relying on a strong belief to support.In such a difficult situation, he never gave up his work, presided over more than 1000 surgeries, rescued more than 1200 patients, won 12 scientific research project achievement awards, won 5 project funds, wrote 6 medical books, published more than 100 academic papers……Although he was very sick and busy with work, Liang meng never complained about anything. He faced life with a positive attitude and an optimistic spirit.In his spare time, he also studied photography, calligraphy and violin, and every day was full of sunshine.After decades of fighting cancer, Liang has become “hardened” and his spirit has inspired countless people.In 2017, Liang was awarded the title of “Bethune Good Doctor”.In this regard, he said, his responsibility is greater, to work harder and more steadfast, to save patients.Liang meng believes that to be healthy, both physical and psychological needs to be taken into account.Even if unfortunately by cancer “targeted”, but also can not give up, even if there is a little chance, can not give up the hope of survival.1, keep healthy, body and mind are very important health has two meanings, one is the body, the other is the mind.Health is the capital of revolution, and if you are not healthy, you can do nothing.Psychology is the pillar of health, many diseases, as long as the state of mind is good, the possibility of cure is very big.If the mentality is not good, all day long sighing, self-pity, no matter how good the method, no matter how expensive the drug, also can not cure.2, even if only a little chance can not give up the hope of survival, he believed that we should love life, love the beautiful world, have the courage to fight, do not easily yield to difficulties.See through all the meaning of life, will not die easily.While there is life, there is hope.No matter how hopeless the hope is, don’t give up.Bite the bullet and see the light at the end.A recent study published in Nature Medicine shows that mental stress disrupts the secretion of stress hormones and neurotransmitters, inhibits anti-tumor immune responses, and affects the efficacy of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.The researchers conducted experiments in mice that were mentally stimulated by a repetitive social frustration model (SD), subjating them to chronic states of anxiety and depression.Ultimately, the researchers found that among mice with non-small cell lung cancer and colorectal cancer, there was an increase in the number of tumors in mice with anxiety and depression, and a decrease in the effectiveness of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, compared with the control group.See, it’s important to keep a good mental attitude when fighting cancer.It can be said that a good attitude is the first step in defeating the tumor.Although faced with the dreaded tumor, few people are able to remain calm and calm.Mentality can be adjusted, however, do the following 4 points, in this hard battle, you will be able to obtain the initiative: 1 don’t escape, face reality, at the time of diagnosis in no, you can allow yourself to feel sad, sad, but after venting, to face the reality, a balance of mind, with a positive attitude to cooperate with treatment.2, understand the science knowledge of cancer in the face of many patients are afraid of cancer, because they do not know enough about cancer, and some people even think that having cancer is equal to being sentenced to death, but it is not.Tumors are complex and occur in different individuals with different consequences.As the saying goes, “Know yourself, know your enemy, and you will win a hundred battles.”What we need to do is to understand the popular knowledge of cancer, a comprehensive grasp of their own disease.In addition, you can also learn how to cooperate with the treatment to enhance the treatment effect.At the same time master cancer nursing tips, as far as possible to reduce their own side effects in the treatment process.3, appropriate venting emotions when there are bad emotions, such as fear, anxiety, pain, do not hold in the heart, must be through reasonable channels to vent, the “gas” released.For example, you can adjust your diet and eat what you want.Appropriate exercise, promote metabolism, increase the secretion of dopamine;Talk to relatives and friends, talk out your troubles, etc.4, establish “social”, participate in “collective anti-cancer” one more person more power, join cancer friends group, can not only share their own anti-cancer experience, but also can obtain other patients’ anti-cancer tips, through the establishment of social, help to eliminate the loneliness of anti-cancer, enhance the confidence in anti-cancer.Marx once said, “A good mood can relieve physical fatigue and pain more than ten good medicines.”Of course, on the road to cancer, in addition to a good attitude, want to be more smooth, but also need to cooperate with scientific treatment, healthy diet, moderate exercise, etc., in order to comprehensively enhance the ability to resist disease, maximize the effect of cancer, improve the chance of cure.[1] “diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30, he has undergone more than 10 operations, medical practice in sickness for decades, 5 times won the third-class military merit”.Southern Medical University.2021-01-12[2] “Those who are not close to Buddhism should not be regarded as doctors — An 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