When Shui Qingxia returned to the top after a 16-year hiatus, the fans found out three types of people who were beaten by women’s soccer

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There is a sentence in some TV series: “I have not been a big brother for many years.”The meaning of this sentence is actually full of life philosophy.As the saying goes, “flowers are never red for a hundred days”, in fact, behind this sentence reflects the truth of “a new generation for an old one”.This is true of life and everything, including sports.Even for China, as good as table tennis, the loss of the mixed doubles gold medal in Tokyo proved that you can’t expect the top of any sport to be in your hands forever.When The Chinese Women’s football team won the Asian Cup again, which was the peak of the Asian women’s football competition after 16 years, we couldn’t help feeling that we had waited too long for this one championship, while the previous eight championships were too easy for us.In 2016, At that time, Wang Shuang could only watch the women’s football team win the championship in front of THE TV, but Coach Shui Qingxia was still a player at that time, and the current head of the FOOTBALL Association, Chen Xuyuan, has no intention of getting involved in football, let alone think that one day, the head of this state-owned enterprise will one day be able to get involved in football, but also the boss.Of course, he would not have thought that he would bring the once prosperous Chinese Super league to the trough of history, and all of these are time flies, the changes brought by the years, really a knife.Shui Qingxia’s tears moved many people, and after the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, we actually want to say this: I will not be big brother for many years.The big brothers here, regardless of gender.Don’t take it seriously. Tell me this is supposed to be a man’s soccer line.Because when you see LouJiaHui directly to the ball with blocking the other side of the body, see xiao zhu selfless as goalkeeper saved the opponent will be into the ball, and think of football captain Wu Xi fly away from each other to the ball, when you see football goalkeeper YanJunLing after losing unexpectedly and commune with the other players, you still think men that group of so-called big masters, also can represent a man,As opposed to those fair-faced entertainers who go on stage and dress themselves up to be more feminine than women?So, after the championship coach Shuiqingxia, was captured by the live camera tears, which contains how much sadness ah, I think there is not only the joy of the championship, but also the injustice behind the championship, such as he was dismissed by the football Association women’s football coach;For example, he once ruled himself out of the running for women’s football coach.But now he led the team to win the championship, all of which only he understood, but she did not like some coaches like a match on the press conference into a speech, she is the real “big brother”.Or, as some netizens put it, “A mother has to stand up for her children when they are wronged.”In order to ridicule the men’s football team lost Vietnam, Japan, and the women’s football team abruptly lost their face to find back.What three types of people did the women’s football team win?In fact, seeing the experience of women’s football team winning the gold medal after 16 years will enlighten many people and make many people feel something.Of course, these people can be classified as the ranks of women’s football.So who could these people be?This is what the name implies, and it’s first and foremost.In fact, because of the fiasco of the Olympic Games, many strong teams, such as the opponents of the Women’s football team Vietnam, Japan and even in the previous Olympic qualifiers Australia and South Korea, they lost to The Chinese women’s football team, heart is not satisfied.South Korea, for example, lost to China in the second leg of its Olympic qualifying match and is desperately trying to prove itself.For example, when the Vietnamese team was eliminated from the final by the women’s football team, they also sneered at the women’s football team because of our men’s football team’s defeat.The Japanese team, for example, always thought they lost because of luck, not strength, and completely forgot that we gave them a king frost.In this match, with Wang Shuang present, we also played an equal amount of offensive football and skill flow in their eyes.Our skill is not much worse than theirs, but our will is much better than theirs.In fact, when the Women’s football team beat the Japanese women’s football team, the extremely disappointed men’s football fans already proposed to invite the Chinese women’s football team to represent Chinese football in the future. That is to say, when we talk about National football team in the future, we refer to the Chinese women’s football team.For this proposal, for this proposal of the fans, I am disgusted with them, because their request is too much, without considering the feelings of the men’s football team, they can all be multimillionaires, you watch multimillionaires play to you, while scolding them, is it too much?And I want to ask you, with this offer, why don’t you take me with you?We used to say that the men’s football team is rough, so this is the most legitimate reason for their loss.But after watching the women’s football, we suddenly discovered that, compared to women’s, men’s loss as little surprise: rough because they not only technology, but also no fighting spirit, and not the spirit, even as a woman, they are a group of so-called gentleman, but in fact it is a group of “niang gun”!3. I’ve been there before some fans and the media. No sport stays at the top for a long time.But in reality, there are always this part of the people, they in your peak when you hold you in the sky, but when you are frustrated, again stand out to step on your feet.For example, coach Lang Ping.In the Olympic Games, the national Women’s Volleyball Team was eliminated in the group stage. Many people who praised the national women’s Volleyball team showed their fangs to bite back.For example, now the women’s football team has won the gold medal. With the improvement of the results, these people have turned their disregard to the crazy pursuit now.These are people who are eager for quick results.That includes the Football Association!I quite agree with a reporter’s suggestion today: even if the women’s football team wins the gold medal, our players of the right age will be at a disadvantage compared with Japan, South Korea and Australia in the Asian Games, The World Cup and the next Olympic Games.You know, in football, the coach plays a major role, but it depends on the performance of the players.When the players of the right age gradually lose their peak times in the future competitions, I hope the fans treat the winning and losing rationally, and do not let the tragedy of women’s volleyball team and Coach Lang Ping repeat.You say that?