The father put $40 billion in a Swiss bank, and now the children can’t get it back, and they have to pay $30 billion in estate taxes

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The Swiss Bank can be said to be the most famous bank in the world. The bank is famous not because it is the largest bank in the world, but because it is the most famous neutral bank in the world, which can keep secret for every rich person in the world and no country can track down the information of Swiss bank customers.Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in the world economy, a small country unexpectedly has more than a dozen of the world’s top 500, Switzerland’s food, watches, finance are world-famous, and Switzerland is also a well-known neutral country in the world.That’s why Swiss banks can do this, no matter what country comes to investigate, they won’t cooperate.That’s where a lot of rich people like to park their cash.Fok had an account in the Swiss bank, and his money in the Swiss bank has become a mystery and the focus of the battle for the family fortune.Taiwan’s richest wang Yung-ching had saved 40 billion cash in the Swiss bank, but because Wang Yung-ching died suddenly in the United States, the results of the 40 billion cash has become a mystery, so far the children can not get back.Wang Yung-ching but Chinese world no less than Li Ka-shing super rich.Wang’s death in 2008, when he died suddenly in the United States, caused huge controversy.Wang Yung-ching had 4 wives, big wife Guo Yue-lan with Wang Yung-ching did not have children.Two wife Yang Jiao because Wang Yung-ching is too romantic, and away to the United States, two lives with two sons and three daughters, one of the daughter is the famous Cher Wang, the founder of HTC, once in the mobile phone field red at that time.Wang Yung-ching also has a third wife, but is not known to outsiders, also not wang Yung-ching family recognition, two people also had three children.The three children have been waiting until Wang Yung-ching died, outside talent know.Wang Yung-ching and a fourth wife Li Baozhu.This Li Baozhu is very powerful, Wang Yung-ching in his later years, is accompanied by Li Baozhu.Li Baozhu is also wang Yung-ching career good helper.Li Baozhu married Wang Yung-ching, also took a daughter, but Wang Yung-ching also put the child as their own child, li Baozhu also gave birth to four daughters for Wang Yung-ching.Lee’s five daughters, also known as the Formosa Plastics Five Golden Flowers, each hold important positions within the group.Before TSMC, Formosa Plastics Group must be the most representative enterprise in Taiwan.In the 1980s, Formosa Plastics’ revenues accounted for about 5% of Taiwan’s GDP.Wang Yung-ching had also planned to invest $10 billion in the mainland, to promote the economic development of the mainland, but because of a variety of reasons, finally unable to implement.In order to promote the landing of this plan, Wang Yung-ching also once bought tens of thousands of acres of land in the United States, want to send to the country.Unfortunately, none of these plans worked out.However, wang Yung-ching can also be seen from a side of the huge wealth.Wang Yung-ching died in 2008, the first thing the media is concerned about Wang Yung-ching how much heritage?Finally, a lot of media found that Wang Yung-ching only left 60 billion legacy, this figure obviously with Wang Yung-ching business god does not conform to the name.Later Wang Yung-ching’s children broke, the original Wang Yung-ching had transferred 300 billion assets overseas, including 260 billion in the United States with Bermuda to establish five trust funds, the other 40 billion Swiss bank, but because Wang Yung-ching died suddenly, these heritage can not get back.Not only can they not get it back, but wang yung-ching’s legacy in Taiwan, to be inherited by his children, will have to pay up to 30 billion yuan in estate taxes.Perhaps because Taiwan’s inheritance tax is too high, so Wang yung-ching will consider transferring most of his estate overseas.But even the legacy left in Taiwan has caused disputes, with more than a dozen of Mr. Wang’s children starting legal battles for years.In the end, the court ruled that Wang yung-ching’s first wife could inherit half of the assets, which is 15 billion yuan, and the remaining 15 billion yuan by Wang yung-ching’s other children.Guo Yueran life did not have a baby, she got 15 billion useless, eventually before she died, or left 15 billion wang Yung-ching’s other children.