In the name of the people: why did Hou Liangping betray his teachers, not afraid of being punished by god

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Gao Yuliang is Hou Liangping’s teacher, and the relationship between the teachers and students is also harmonious.Nevertheless, he sent Gao yuliang to prison.Why did Hou Liangping betray his family?From the ethical point of view, a teacher is equivalent to a father, isn’t there “one day as a teacher, a lifelong father”?In ancient times, teachers were put together with heaven and earth for people to offer sacrifices. Up to now, people still offer sacrifices.Teachers are very high status and important for personal development.Hou Liangping, a graduate of Handong University and highly educated, clearly knows this.In this case, why to teacher Gao Yuliang start?Gao Yuliang was guilty of corruption and bribery.Hou Liangping, director of the provincial anti-corruption Bureau, had investigated these and knew all about them, although he was not qualified to investigate Gao Yuliang.From the legal point of view, Gao Yuliang broke the law, while Hou Liangping is the director of the anti-graft bureau of the provincial Procuratorate, obviously cannot practice favoritism and should act impartially.But in ethics, Gao Yuliang is his teacher after all, had to find a way to excuse him.In the face of high Yuliang criminal fact, Hou Liangping is actually very uncomfortable, also very sad, in love and reason, he could not balance, finally stand on the legal side, will high Yuliang and others sent to prison.Hou Liangping is not the last to know that Gao Yuliang has a problem, in the investigation process, he has found some clues, but also talked to Gao Yuliang.Gao invited Hou to dinner several times, especially after Liu Xinjian, chairman of Handong Oil and Gas Group, was arrested, and he asked Hou to stop looking.In fact, this has been very clear, zha Liu Xinjian and his gao Yuliang relationship.In addition qi Tongwei also asked Hou Liangping to have dinner in the landscape manor, during zhao Ruilong arranged sniper ready to kill him, but did not succeed.Qi Tongwei will be the basic situation to Hou Liangping did account, he also figured out the problem, know that it will inevitably involve Gao Yuliang.In this case, hou Liangping why did not stop, chose to give up?He can apply to the above, transfer back to the original unit, there is no need to stay in Handong.Once successful, then gao Yuliang behind whether something has nothing to do with him, do not need to suffer.If others find a problem, it is Gao Yuliang’s personal problem, has nothing to do with Hou Liangping.Why didn’t you do that?First, there is a relationship with Chen Hai.Hou Liangping and Chen Hai’s relationship is very good, not brother than brother.When Chen Hai was hit, Hou Liangping put forward to handong for the first time, to investigate the matter.If Chen Hai did not hit into a vegetable, then Hou Liangping will not come to Handong, perhaps things will not happen.Chen Hai was hit by qi Tongwei arrangement, CAI Chenggong reported to the report, reflecting the landscape manor and Ding Yizhen collusion, these were he learned, so planned a drunk driving, Chen Hai hit fly on the spot.If he had not been on the phone with Hou Liangping, he might not have been in a vegetative state, but dead.Hou Liangping promptly informed the Han East Anti-corruption Bureau, Chen Hai’s life was saved.To this end, Hou Liangping especially remorse, that Chen Hai was hit with him, so to han Dong investigation.Come over, found the matter with Qi Tongwei, and Qi Tongwei involved in gao Yuliang.Hou Liangping did not know that Chen Hai was hit will be so complex, if clear, he may not come to handong.Qi Tongwei and Chen Hai were both related to Hou Liangping, one as a senior and the other as a classmate.Two people happen this kind of thing let Hou Liangping very sad, but from the point of view of the close relationship between the two, Chen Hai is obviously closer than Qi Tongwei.He was hit, Hou Liangping is bound to revenge, as to what extent things develop, can not predict.In a word, Qi Tongwei first, so will let Hou Liangping at all costs to pursue the end.Second, Gao Yuliang later also cooperated with Qi Tongwei framed Hou Liangping.Chen Hai was hit with Gao Yuliang has nothing to do with, but Qi Tongwei once reported to him, and he did not report to the above, apparently has tacit approval of his behavior.Qi Tongwei later asked Hou Liangping to landscape manor to eat, with Gao Yuliang said hello in advance, they may take action on Hou Liangping, these Gao Yuliang also know.Especially in the end, Gao Yuliang personally, together with the Chief prosecutor of the Beijing City Procuratorate Xiao Gangyu and Qi Tongwei framed Hou Liangping, said he and Ding Yizhen do business together.Few people believe it, but Gao Yuliang did not let go, still want to get Hou Liangping into prison.At that time, Hou Liangping may also know that this is gao Yuliang dry, thanks to Chen Rock and others behind the wind factory employees, found the witness, Hou Liangping was safe.Hou Liangping did not apologize to Gao Yuliang, but he was framed again and again.Since Gao Yuliang not benevolence, why Hou Liangping also handout?Third, Hou Liangping to han Dong, on the surface of revenge for Chen Hai, investigation of corruption ding Yizhen, vice mayor of Beijing City, but the actual gold plating.Ding Yizhen has run away, and Chen Hai has become a vegetable, if you can find the mastermind, Hou Liangping meritorious service.Qi Tongwei finally fled to guying Ridge, Hou Liangping personally persuasion, later failed, but the provincial party secretary Sha Ruijin still for his credit.Gao Yuliang and Qi Tongwei’s evidence is the credit of Hou Liangping, the greater their crime, then the greater the credit of Hou Liangping.So when he already knew that Chen Hai was hit with their relationship, more reluctant to leave the East.The above sent him to Handong, the original is deep digging umbrella, and he has found, so how willing to give up.Hou Liangping’s dedication is heavier, not too willing to do a cook at home, also not willing to be his wife Zhong Xiaoai pressure, so it will go to han Dong, then at the risk of life to persuade Qi Tongwei.What I do is just for better progress, so I don’t care about the friendship between teachers and students anymore!Ethically, Hou Liangping should not do this to Gao Yuliang, but he started first, has broken the rules, so Hou Liangping is not polite!