Hengshan: Adorable baby handmade “tiger head” Lantern Festival yuanxiao

2022-05-07 0 By

Adorable children at the scene homemade “tiger head” lantern.Rednet moment Hengyang February 14 news (correspondent Zhao Shi Elegant ting reporter Song Meijun) “you see, my ‘tiger head’ lantern is also holding a gold ingot!Isn’t it nice?””My lantern is beautiful, too!My tiger is sticking out his tongue!”February 13, hengshan county children gathered together, dressed in festive clothes, the scene homemade “tiger head” lanterns, feel thick traditional culture, to celebrate the upcoming Lantern Festival.After the children’s free creation, a lively “tiger head” lantern was born.Making lanterns is a necessary custom for the Lantern Festival. The children carefully paint their own unshaped lanterns, paint their favorite colors with paintbrushes, and use ultra-light clay to make imaginary tigers.A pair of young hands shuttled back and forth on the table, each expression attentive, patient and careful.After the children’s free creation, a vivid, rich meaning of the “tiger head” lanterns have been born.Everyone happily showed their own hand-made “tiger head” lanterns, laughter and laughter.”Tiger head” lantern with rich meaning.”This is my first time to make a lantern, because this year is the Year of the tiger, so we make a ‘tiger head’ lantern, representing a good luck in the year of the tiger, to be a tiger person, to walk the tiger luck.”Tan Jiadong, 11, felt a sense of accomplishment as he looked at his own lantern.Red paper spread out, pen and ink set, some children also write down a deputy red and festive couplets, expressing good wishes for the New Year.The children write down a red and festive couplet.”The Lantern Festival involves eating yuanxiao, guessing lantern riddles and watching the lanterns, which means that the whole family is together and the whole family is round!I hope my family will be healthy in 2022, everything will be all right, my dreams will come true, and my academic performance will be higher and higher.”Wen Ziqing, a fourth grader, made her New Year’s resolutions.